Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews → Look What I Noticed After 30 Days!

Tummy tuck belt reviews

Does The Tummy Tuck Belt Really Work? Let’s Find Out In This (Critical) Review

Imagine this…

You are swiping left-right (pun not intended) on Tinder, and suddenly you come across someone with decent looks but with a set of chiseled abs. What do you do?

You swipe right!

Six pack abs obsession

Being attracted to a six-pack is instinctual, totally normal. Being obsessed about it though...

Seriously, our obsession with abs and a flat stomach has reached a whole new level in the recent years.

They have become an epitome of fitness, the ultimate goal of every weight watcher and the prized possession of every model and celebrity out there.

Each one of us has yearned for that perfect ‘six pack’ at some point in our lives.

So what is stopping us from being lean? What stops YOU from losing weight?

Well, of course, the efforts, diet, the discipline and the exercise and the dedication. Yes, most of us lack these things. We have been so used to getting everything at the touch of a button that putting in physical efforts and denying that high-calorie junk food isn’t exactly up our alley.

So we turn to the ‘maximum results with minimum efforts’ methods.

We try weight loss pills like Lipozene, diet programs like the trim down club, body wraps, laxatives to lose weight, concoctions and shakes, and even weird contraptions which are aggressively advertised all over.

The more ambitious (and those who can afford) opt for surgical options like Bariatric and ‘tummy-tuck’ surgeries.

And in all of this, we get a new “invention” of sorts that supposedly combines the best of both worlds - The Tummy Tuck Belt.

And they enter the weight loss scene, by asking you the usual enticing questions:

How would it feel to lose weight sitting at home?

  • No going to the gym every day?
  • No foregoing the food you love?
  • No bland, tasteless and boiled food?
  • Check Square
    Just wear our tummy tuck belt and watch the system melt your fat away into oblivion!

Seems too good to be true?

Well, it does, and the claims are often so hyped up that the FTC has also fined some belt companies a few years ago for making unrealistic claims! 

Yet, if you still see the ads for this tummy tuck belt, that’s all you’ll see – big dreams.

All you need to do to use this tummy tuck system is to apply a cream, wear our “belly burner belt” and do some ab clenching exercises. And… voila! You are on your way to some quick and easy weight loss!

Tummy tuck belt promises

THE tummy tuck system dream - Now if only losing fat was as simple as creating this image!

By the way, if you are still confused and didn't get the sarcasm, you probably have these questions in mind:

  • Does the tummy tuck belt really work? 
  • Are there any tummy tuck belt side effects?
  • What is that ‘instantaneous slim look’?
  • Does it actually work?
  • And will it help ME lose weight!?

Keep reading as we have just begun! Now let's review the Tummy Tuck Belt (and also see some real Tummy tuck belt user reviews and complaints) in this post...

What Do The Tummy Tuck Belt Manufacturers Claim

For one, they say that wearing the tummy tuck belt compresses your tummy/belly, making you appear slimmer instantaneously without any alterations or changes to your daily routine.

And for the magic part, it’s the ’10-minute method’, they claim, does the trick.

There are 3 steps to be followed, twice a day:

  • 1
    Apply the cream that comes along with the belt
  • 2
    Wear the belly burner belt and...
  • 3
    Do 2 minutes of tummy tightening exercises, and continue with your other normal activities for another 8 minutes.

The weight loss, as they claim, is achieved by a thermal chain reaction brought into effect by the ‘Thermal accelerator cream’, which continues to work for more than 3 hours after applying it.

Also, they claim, introducing a little exercise to your daily routine in some part of the day, in addition to using the belt would accelerate your weight loss by up to two times.

The official site, tummytuckbelt.com does list comparisons with other ‘slimming belts’ and ‘garments’.

To further add to the hype, the tummy tuck belt folks present us with couple of articles on researches having been carried out at various universities via different scientific methods.

That's totally fake.

In fact, there was a study initiated for a similar product by the government, but it never went through.

So after hunting for hours for the so called "research" mentioned on their website, I couldn't find one single study that would prove the product's efficacy.

Still why this craze for the "tummytuckbelt"?

To put to rest all the uncertainty surrounding this topic to rest once and for all, I decided to test it out for myself.

A funny story – Initially I thought the name of this product is tummytuckbelt, yeah I thought it was one branded word – tummytuckbelt! Searching this term brought some really weird search results (try it for yourself!).

Anyhoo, so I ordered this belt from Amazon for $50 inclusive of shipping. Plus they have this plan wherein you are automatically enrolled in a program wherein you receive the ‘Thermal Accelerator cream’ for an additional $27 every couple of months.

What Does The Tummy Tuck System Contain?

First of all, here's a video I found on Vimeo:

Now, here's What the Tummy Tuck System's package contains...

The package contains the tummy tuck belt and a 30-day thermal accelerator cream, the tummy tuck instructional video CD, and a usage guide.

The belt for sure is soft and flexible, yet quite durable, as it is made from spandex. However, putting on is quite a task. You have to pull the belt from your toes, up to the waist.

The ‘Thermal Accelerator cream’, that comes along needs to be applied to your midsection before putting on the belt. The cream after being applied forms a thick layer over your abdomen.

Some might find it weird and uncomfortable.

You then need to do ‘tummy clenching’ exercises for a couple of minutes. You may then continue to do other activities. This initiates a reaction which goes on for up to 3 hours even after removing the belt, as claimed by the manufacturers.

After using this so called belly burner belt for 10 minutes, you will find a layer of sweat covering your midsection. The cream is to be kept on, and washed off only after a couple more hours, as it aids the fat burning process.

The Tummy Tuck Belt Results After A Month

I used the belt for a month and lost about 3-4 pounds. Great, right?

Well, nope.

The weight lost, was all water weight and it had this rebound effect! It was all back once I stopped using it.

All the belt does is causes a temporary “weight loss effect” by making you lose what we call ‘water weight’. 

It does not take much time to get back to where you were once you stop using the belt.

Why Then Is The Tummy Tuck Belt So Popular?

Because it follows the usual scammy weight loss product path:

  • 1
    New shining, squeaky clean jazzy product
  • 2
    Some ‘special’ differentiation mentioned (“never seen before anywhere!!!”)
  • 3
    LOTS of fake before-after photos and testimonials
  • 4
    Fake discounts and free shipping (50% OFF!!)
  • 5
    Money back guarantee (though they don’t mention the hoops you’ve to jump through!)
  • 6
    The main reason for its popularity? This - They reignite THE dream that you’ll finally lose weight and fit in those old jeans, look awesome, get loads of compliments, feel great, be healthy.

That’s usually the 6-step plan most scam weight loss products usually take, and the tummy tuck belt is no exception.

Who cares if you actually don’t have a working product, they are going to hit the bull’s eye with the marketing message.

However, check the last point above.

Do you REALLY think that you’ll ever feel great, look healthier when you have changed NOTHING else in your life?

Can a belt really undo all the changes that have taken place, for years, INSIDE your body?

  • A tummy tuck belt can’t make/correct hormonal changes in your body.
  • A tummy tuck belt can’t instruct your body to use your fat storage for fuel.
  • A tummy tuck belt won’t improve your digestion, cardio-vascular or muscular fitness.
  • A tummy tuck belt won’t improve your sleep, which is one of THE most important factors when it comes to losing weight.
  • A tummy tuck belt can’t keep your Cortisol levels down, triggering the vicious weight gain cycle. See below.
weight gain cycle

Unless you break this cycle at some point, there's no use of tummy tuck belts or anything else

All the above things point to the one factor that CONTROLS how much weight you’ll EVER lose…

Which is…

The tummy tuck belt or system won’t change your… DAILY HABITS.

The awesome, jaw-dropping case studies we see on the web, read them carefully, you’ll see that ALL of them attribute their success to a few key daily habits, and NOT to some shake, belt, pill or extract!

Your daily habits are what transform you - one day at a time.

Tummy Tuck Belt User Reviews

There are rave reviews and almost unbelievable images doing rounds on the web, especially on Facebook, about the benefits and results of this overhyped belly burner belt.

Ask a question on Quora about this topic and you’ll be quickly flooded with positive answers praising the belt. Most of the answers are given by “researcher at so-so University’, or ‘Social media influencer’ type people.

Their tummy tuck belt reviews are worded so as to sound believable and written by real people who actually seemed to have used them.

Almost every review carries a link at the bottom redirecting you to a site from where you can purchase this belt.

Guess what’s that called – affiliate marketing!

Should You Buy This "Belly Burner System"?

You already know what I am going to say by now!

Nope, don’t fall for this scam.

The product is a sheer waste of money which you can better invest – maybe in joining a gym, or a zumba class or even in some sports coaching, which would actually be tremedously beneficial.

Heck, you could even buy a bag of Whey protein which would be ten times more beneficial than this idiotic tummy tuck system.

Yes, It’s idiotic and I’ll prove it to you.

The ‘Tummy tuck system’, is a total failure and I’ll give you the exact reasons why…

Reasons The Tummy Tuck System Is A Failure

#1 - Spot Reduction, Losing Body Fat From Certain Body Parts Is Impossible

As Yale Scientific mentions in an article, as per independent studies conducted by the University of California, the University of Connecticut, and literally hundreds of other studies - 'targeted fat loss' is not possible.

The fat burning mechanism involves, breaking down of triglycerides (fancy name for stored fat) to glycerol and free fatty acids, which are then supplied to the muscles for energy.

Studies show that the fat required for the energy release process can come from anywhere in the body, and is never localized. This goes against the belt’s claim of reducing your belly by burning fats from your midsection.

#2 - Does Not Permanently Shed Away The Weight

Secondly, the tummy tuck belt claims to help you permanently shed weight, that’s the major tummy tuck belt scam. However as my experience, as well as other user reviews, corroborate, the weight loss is just temporary.

And the lost inches (if any) do come back. No fat is burned, and instead, you will lose your water weight, which is regained twice as fast once you take off the belt.

#3 - The Belly Belt Is Tight And Can Cause Breathing Issues

The belt though made of space-age materials is not without its own flaws. It is difficult to fit the belly burner over your abdomen.

It keeps on slipping to over the chest, try as you might. The belt though serves to grant you that 'slim look' instantly, is so tight that it can and has caused difficulty in breathing.

The tightness of the belt might even constrain your movements, forcing you to sit upright which ultimately leads to a sore back and muscles. Also simple tasks such as bending over become difficult with it. Exercising while wearing it is another herculean task altogether!

Another thing, I am not very sure about this, but I have read that wearing Spandex for a long time has been shown to cause Dermatitis. Though there hasn’t been too many cases reported as yet, the possibility cannot be denied.

#4 - The Tummy Tuck Belt Cream Causes Itching and Rashes

The redness, itching and irritability of the skin after removing the belt are common.

It might be due to reaction to the applied cream or might even result from wearing the belt.

The cream provided along with the belt lasts you only for a month. 

That's where the most common tummy tuck belt complaint comes from:

The Tummy tuck belt company automatically enrolls you into a rebill offer for a bi-monthly supply of the cream. If not cancelled, this will lead to you paying a large amount of money unnecessarily.

#5 - The Tummy Tuck Belt Is Extremely Costly

For a belt, with, so many things going against it, combined with the exercise program and the supply of the thermal accelerator cream, it is VERY expensive.

Thought the company offers a ‘30-days money back guarantee’, people often miss out on the clause that the shipping, handling and the extra charges, for returning the belt are to be borne by them, which is a headache in itself.

Below are few reviews on Amazon about the Tummy Tuck Belt:

Jasmine Angulo said...

“I purchased this and had to send it back! The cream gave me a horrible bumpy rash all over my belly.


I waited a week for the rash to go away and then applied a small portion to my side and surely the rash was back. Beware of the ingredients you may have an allergic reaction! Keep in mind I have no known allergies.”

Johanna Cummings said what I myself say all over this post...

“Does not do anything, I bought two, one for myself and one for my son... not worth the shipping price. I am very disappointed!”"

So Ultimately, What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

I always say, “losing weight is actually simple… but not easy”.

The basic principle of course, as we all know by now, is to create a calorie deficit in your body. In simple words, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

However, the problem arises when you decide to do that using either a restrictive diet (which are proven NOT to work long-term), or an extreme workout. Both options being unsustainable.

That’s why the correct method, which even I promote is this...

Make extremely small, tiny changes in your behavior. These changes are targeted to help you burn more by adopting those habits that either help you burn more fat, or help you eat less calories.

Your choices affect your weight

Your daily choices, no matter how small they are, directly affect your future body!

Yes it is TRUE. You cna trust my experience working with thousands of women on this one.

Your choices today decide the body you'll have 5 years from now.

And guess what?

In the real world, it really is not that difficult to stick to a diet nutrition plan, eat smart and be active. We make it difficult for ourselves by expecting unrealistic and quick fat loss results right from day one.

You need to be consistent and patient. And that can ONLY happen when you cultivate such habits.

Setting short and tiny goals for yourself, setting up small rewards for achieving those tiny goals, not giving in to temporary temptations and adopting a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping you lose those extra kilos.

You don’t need to hit the gym every day, you just need to be active wherever possible.

Take the stairs rather than the escalator or the lift. Walk to the supermarket rather than taking a car.

Opt for healthier alternatives to the food you eat, chew food properly before swallowing, give time to your lunch and dinner, rather than gobbling down food in front of the TV or the Computer, analyze your hunger and eat only when and as much as needed.

It is high time we realize that products such as the tummy tuck belt do nothing but drain our money. The weight loss industry is one of the most lucrative and revenue generating arenas, as of today.

We, the consumer, gets lured by any shiny, new product on the block (weirdly, the tummy tuck belt is over two years old, but still shining away!) which promises us a shortcut to losing or keeping off weight and saving us the efforts needed to be put in.

We should keep in mind that nothing comes easy, especially not as easy as the weight loss belt claims. Efforts, however impossible and difficult they might seem, yield wondrous results.

Your body is something you will always own.

The better you treat it, the better it will treat you back.

  • Rita says:

    Thanks for the solid review. I was almost going to buy the belt, but after reading your review, I’ll pass. Do you think the other belt, so called “flex belt” works?

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Hi Rita,
      You’re welcome, and no, the flex belt is similar to this one. They market some unproven “proprietary technology” to burn fat, but in the end, they only burn our purses!

      Don’t fall for these, start making 1-2 small changes in your daily life, and then stick with them. Period.