Trim Down Club Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

(Review updated on – September 2018)

Let’s find out…

The Trim Down Club has created quite a buzz in the weight loss world over the last couple of years.

Anywhere you go, you see their 5 foods to never eat video.

So today...

In this no-nonsense trim down club review, we will be diving deep into this weight loss program, and check whether it’s worth your time (coz more than the price, it’s your time that’s more valuable).

And more importantly, let's see whether it even works or not!

“So first of all, who am I? Why should you listen to me?”

My name is Betty Hartley, I am a 40 year old mother of 2, living in good ol’ big apple.

And the reason I have written this (rather long) trim down club review is because I couldn’t find an honest one myself!

Now, I wasn’t always obese, but after my second pregnancy, I… well… ballooned up.. a lot!

And after that… I literally tried everything out there, from fancy belts, ab wheels, powder to pills to even “magic extracts”.

Some worked, for a while, others, such as the “raspberry ketones” (cough cough Dr. Oz) were outright scams!

But no matter what I did, one peculiar pattern used to repeat over and over.

Whatever method/trick/product I tried, it only worked for a while, and all the lost weight came creeping back with more friends!

But wait, what does all this have to do with the Trim Down Club? Isn’t this a trim down club review?

Of course it is, but it won’t be a true review unless you knew my background. I can go all out praising the trim down club, but unless you know the ‘why’, unless you see the change in me, there’s no use.

So here are some of my "after" pics...

And even if it looks I am all fit and having fun with my kids now, it wasn't always like that...

Most of us experienced women, especially mommies, who’ve already lost 100’s of $ on all kinds of weight loss products; we are particularly skeptical of any new ‘program’.

I, myself look through my huge skeptic’s glasses whenever someone pitches or mentions a “new weight loss product”. So with that said, let’s put the trim down club through the scanner.

Trim down club… get ready for some slicing and dicing!

Trim Down Club Reviews – Table of Contents

#1 So first of all, what should you expect from the trim down club?

The trim down club is a 4 year old weight loss program, focused towards building a positive community of obese people who are tired of searching for ‘solutions’.

The mission of the program is to teach you to bring about a lifestyle change, rather than looking for yo-yo dieting and other weight loss solutions.

The reason you are still obese isn’t because you haven’t found “THE best weight loss solution”, it’s because you haven’t found something that you’ll ACTUALLY STICK TO!

Here's something weird...

  • The Atkins diet? It works.
  • Paleo? It sure works.
  • Juice diet? Yeah it works.
  • Trim down club? It also works.
  • Mediterranean? Definitely works.

WAIT.... What!? How, Imean... they all work?!


But then WHY do most women, like 8 out of 10 who try one of these diets fail? Because the more important question is...

The MOST important question is NOT which one of these diets or programs work (or not), but rather which one is the most "stickable"?!


You are going to absolutely detest the Atkins after about 2 weeks (definitely in three), and you’ll hate the Paleo once you start eating all the meat. And don’t even get me started on those juicing diets!

So our #1 problem is not finding the ‘right’ program, it’s finding something that we can actually stick to!

And that’s where the Trim Down Club comes as a breath of fresh air.

t’s something that I have stuck to for over two years now, since it’s not a highly restrictive diet, and there’s a ton of variety in the recipes; the pre-requisite for sticking to any diet program.

In fact, the Trim Down Club is not even a ‘diet program’, it’s more of a lifestyle program, where you change just one thing at a time in your life.

It will teach you to inculcate new daily habits, new shopping habits, even alter the way you shop for groceries and other kitchen goodies.

And to help you to use it, they give you a lot of useful tools and online apps.

But the biggest plus for me was the huge community of members and coaches. More about it later…

So the first thing you should expect from the trim down club is learning a new way of forming habits, a new way of cooking, a new way of eating, and a new way of not having to “go on a diet” anymore.

#2 Who Can Do This?
Who is The Trim Down Club For?

The majority of folks in the trim down club community are like me, people who have literally tried hundred’s of products with either no results or temporary results.

So first of all, tell me… do you feel like throwing something (at the TV) whenever you see an infomercial 'guaranteeing' weight loss in 2 weeks or similar claims?


Then you might be a good candidate for our community! :D

Kidding aside, the trim down club is ideal for people who can prepare and eat homemade stuff for most days, or have someone who can prepare for them.

If you or your spouse cooks at home, then this program can become one of the cheapest and best investment you could make towards better weight and health.

For those who are constantly on the move and eat most of their meals on the run, this might not be perfect for you.

But even for such people, I will definitely ask you to consider going through their main manual. It is EXTREMELY well written and helps tackle the main issue of "So what do I really eat to lose weight!?"

And with the added membership and coaching, I'd say the ridiculously low price of $9/month price is definitely worth it.

So once again, who is the trim down club for?

Perfect for people who can cook or eat at home. Not so perfect for people who eat on the move. But still advised to go for it as the main manual will enable you to eat correctly when on the move.

#3 When Will The Trim Down Club Show Me... Results?!

Ahhh… the most popular question here… when will the results come!?

Everyone and his mommy wants slim, yesterday!

If I tell you honestly that you will really start benefiting from the trim down club nowhere before the first 6-8 weeks, you’ll first be like this... :(

But know what? That's how long it should take!

Here’s something to think about…

Your body is a complex machine, we all agree on that, right?

There are about 100,000 activities, chemical reactions, changes going on inside you every minute.

So for a minute, just think how long it took you until you became overweight?

It took months, maybe years to get where you are right now, no?

You didn’t suddenly "bulk up” in a month, right? Then, how can you expect to 'bulk down' in less than a month?!

Yeah, sure, you can do it with some kind of a highly restrictive diet, or simply by starving! But does it make sense? Does it sound healthy?

More importantly, you think some diet that'd be so extreme, would you stick with it?

A big NO. And that's why I support the trim down club.

It's a winner in my eyes because before it brought about any change in my body, it brought a major change in my THINKING!

More than just losing weight, it's more about first improving our health, nutrition and lifestyle... weight loss comes as a side effect.

So the first thing to understand is - that weight loss shouldn't be the primary goal!

Better fitness, better digestion, better sleep, better nutrition should be the first priority.

Coz once you improve these things, guess what, you'll automatically improve your body composition.

That's why...

Instead of trying to ‘lose weight fast’, aim to learn WHY you lose weight in the first place, and how can you actually stick to the path that helps you do it.

No matter how badly we all want to ‘trim down’, the only way you will actually remain trimmed down is by bringing the change gradually, by improving the QUALITY of your body, and by not forcing it to do that.

Now I hear many of you saying, "I am already 40/50/60, I don't have that kind of time!" And it reminds me of The Matrix...

However... though time SEEMS to be against us, it’s... not.

With a good program, you would actually stop wasting time on all those "quick fixes", knowing that improving yourself from the inside WILL change you, even if it seems to take a bit more time.

#4 What Does The Trim Down Club Consist Of? What Do I Get?

Here’s a rundown of what you get when you sign up

#1 The first thing you download is the Trim Down Club’s quick start guide.

Though it’s called a quick start guide, it’s a detailed one.

The goal of this quick start guide is to get you up to speed.

I loved the "hormones" topic in this one.

#2 The second and most important component is the main trim down club manual, the heart and soul of the program.

It’s a 96 page, detailed guide with 11 chapters.

Here’s a pic of the table of contents.

#3 The third resource is the huge cook book.

There are 100’s of recipes in there to get you started, (plus thousands more inside the community.)

My favorite recipes have to be the Ginger Lemon Snapper Fillet and the Butternut Mung Bean Soup...


So after that, the next batch of ‘what you get’ are the online apps and tools.

#4 There’s a slick meal planner which you can work and view even through your phone as I just found today! :)

#5 A diet journal – I don’t use it much, as I am not a very organized gal, but it might be useful for others.

#6 A progress meter – This is a good tool! I have used it from day 1 and it keep you highly motivated to see your progress visually on a graph! :)

#7 Feeling luck menu – This is a nice twist to the program when and if you get bored. This spits out (pun not intended) a unique recipe each time you use the tool. Some of them are very very yummy.

#8 Menu History – This is a section where you can save your menus and recipes. Handy when you need to remember “that tasty recipe you forgot”.

But without any doubt, the best part of the trim down club is...

The HUGE, active community!

The online community is a private membership area reserved only for the trim down club members and their coaches.

It’s the next best thing you can have to getting your own private coach, and the best part is getting so many experts to help you at just $9/month (try looking around at the 'per session' fees of nutrition experts these days, it'll blow your mind).

Here’s a screenshot of the activity that goes on in there… check out the number of posts/replies on members’ queries.

And many a time when I had some question, someone had already asked it and it's been answered.

So anyhoo...

That’s everything the Trim Down Club is made up of, the biggest win is the active community of course, where I actually felt I could open up about my specific obesity issues.

Another surprising thing was the number of people who went or are still going through the exact similar troubles. Feels good knowing you’re not the only one facing some unique problem.

#5 So Finally, Do I Recommend The Trim Down Club? Should You Get In? (And FAQ’s)

Yes, I'd certainly recommend at least trying the Trim Down Club, currently they are running a one month's trial at just $1.99, definitely worth trying.

And sure, being a member does make me slightly biased.

But when I first joined, there were no reviews like this one, and I looked at it with a much more skeptical vision.

So here are some common trim down club question I usually get in the mail.... Click on the question to expand the answers...

Q: What is the trim down club program, in a nutshell?

Q: What’s different and/or better in the trim down club?

Q: Why not go for popular diets (Atkins/South Beach) instead of this?

Q: Will I have to exercise with the trim down club?

#6 How To Maximize Your Results With The Trim Down Club?

To get the best results with the trim down club, I would suggest combining it with a workout you can actually do (as opposed to most workouts targeted at already fit people!).

Working out (even if 30mins/3 times a week) increases your strength, tones your muscles, accelerates your metabolism and gets you one step closer to that ‘lean and fit’ look.

And no, before you ask, no matter how much you do workout, don’t worry about getting TOO muscular!

Unless you gorge on crazy amounts of protein (and inject yourself with hormones), trust me you are NEVER going to look like this.

So without any doubt, combine the trim down club with a good workout and the results will amaze you.

I can share my body weight workout with you if you want. It’s my own creation, and created specifically for obese women.


Because when I was looking for a workout myself, I couldn’t find anything decent for obese people.

Seriously, 9 out of 10 workouts on YouTube assume you are already fit! :S

So anyway, if you want to combine the Trim Down Club with my workout, just ask for it in the comments. :)

Finally we come to the end of this trim down club review.

I hope I was able to cover all of the doubts, queries and questions related to the program. The only reason, like I said before, that I wrote this review was because I couldn’t find anything when I myself was searching for ‘trim down club reviews‘.

If you are already inside, you can look for me in the community area and we can talk more in there.

And if you still have any questions about the trim down club, feel free to ask me below in the comments section…

Here’s wishing you better judgment (to know the better products from the scams), focus (to help you say NO to others) and good health!

Here's a final "Pros and Cons" summary...

TDC (Trim Down Club) CONS:

  • No workout program (ask me in the comments for mine).
  • Results take some time (but this is actually good).
  • Site looks a bit dated (that's my personal opinion though).

TDC (Trim Down Club) PROS:

  • It works. If you stick with it for 4-6 weeks, you'll start seeing results.
  • At just $9/month, pretty cheap compared to other programs.
  • The responsive support is worth more than the price.
  • Recipes are great, ingredients aren't too fancy.

#1 The Trim Down Club Official Site

#2 NEW: Once you're inside the TDC, download my workout here.

And finally, time for YOUR opinion...

Do you think the "stickability" factor of the Trim Down Club can help you lose weight?

  • May you please explain to me about the costs of the program overall?
    I understand right now it is $1.99 for the first month and $9.90 each month thereafter. I am confused about the $47 lifetime membership because I cannot find any written material about it before I sign up and that scares me because I have to explain it to my husband. He is pretty much sold on this style of eating, regarding healthy eating combinations. What does the $47 include differently from the monthly payments? If we pay monthly, why are we paying a lifetime memebership of $47? I like what I have read about the TDC and would love to be a part of it real soon. Please help me so I may explain it to my husband from the financial end.

    • Betty Thomas says:

      I think if you pay the $47, you will not pay again. Why don’t you shoot a mail to those guys? They usually reply within a few hours…

  • Pinaki patel says:

    Hi ..just joined ..Can I please get ur craving and exercise plan please

  • Ray Clayton says:

    Love your review Betty – Please send your workout routine. 1 question that may seem a bit silly. This is obviously american. Due to the difference in culture, do you think it relates to the UK

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Hi Ray,
      Sending my routine now, and don’t worry, though the program is based in the states, the content is VERY MUCH applicable to everyone! In fact, you can even choose the metric system in the members area…

  • Denise says:

    Thank you for the review! Are the recipes in imperial measurements and cups, or in metric (I’m a Brit), or both? Would also be very grateful for your work out plan!

  • Nora Moore says:

    Please send your workout plan. I am very anxious to get started. Thank you.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Betty,
    Loved your review it was really helpful. I am in Australia so glad to hear TDC use both forms of measurements. Still trying to convert pounds to kilos but will get there. Would much appreciate your exercise plan. Mine mainly consists of walking which is even hard to fit in sometimes with a 16 year old daughter .

  • Pamela says:

    your excercise program please! and yes, you look so healthy and fit!

  • Laura says:

    I appreciate your review and would love to see your workout plan.

  • Jessica says:

    It was absolute torment listening to that video. Why not just say which five foods to avoid? Why does this woman go rabbiting on and on and on until she drives one mad?

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Actually Jessica, this is what they call a “video sales letter”.

      So basically, what we used to ‘read’ couple of years ago (and still don’t have a problem with), these guys convert that into this lonnnnnnnng video!

      Very irritating and you can’t even forward it. However, I assure you that the program itself is quite decent and definitely worth trying for a couple of months…

  • gary says:

    I am a 55 year old man that just had a health scare yesterday . I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis disease and I also have severe asthma. I have been looking at various diets and come across this plan. I know I have to change my lifestyle to improve my health. I am looking foreword to the journey I need to do and with the help of trim down club, I will succeed on this new life style change.

  • Barbara says:

    Very good review! You talked me into joining. I’m just worried about getting a refund if I need to. Thanks, again!!

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Thanks so much. And you shouldn’t have much problems, you can simply email Clickbank (the payment processor). I am sure you won’t need to though, let me know how it goes… Did you get the Healthy Kitchen videos?