Trim Down Club Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

The trim down club has created quite a buzz in the weight loss world over the last few weeks. Anywhere you go, you are hit by their “5 foods to not eat” video, which then encourages you to take “membership” in their club.

In this detailed, no nonsense trim down club review, we will be diving deep into this club, whether it’s worth your time (coz it’s not pricy, your time is more of the price), and more importantly, whether it works or not!

So if you have come here to get more information about the trim down club, you have come at the right place. Now, before we begin, let’s get to know me a bit first, shall we?

So first of all, who am I? Why should you even listen to me?

My name is Betty Smith, I am 39, mother of 2 beautiful kids living in good ol’ big apple. And the reason I have written this (rather long) trim down club review is because I couldn’t find an honest one myself!

I have a long tryst with obesity, right from my high school days.

Before after trim down club

I am one of those people who have literally tried everything out there, from fancy belts, ab wheels, powder to pills to even “magic extracts”.

But, I am also one of those people who have changed the fortunes through hard work and resolve!

Some worked, for a while, others, such as the “raspberry ketones” (cough cough Dr. Oz) were outright scams!

But one pattern used to repeat over and over.

Whatever method/trick/product I tried, it only worked for a while, and all the lost weight came creeping back with more friends!

Now, genetically, I shouldn’t be fat!

My parents were never really obese, nor do I recall any of their ‘ancestors’ particularly obese. So this obesity problem was my own issue, more of a lifestyle issue which you’ll soon see…

But wait, what does all this have to do with the trim down club? Isn’t this a trim down club review?

Of course it is, but it won’t be a true review unless you knew the background.

I can go all out praising the trim down club, but unless you know the ‘why’, there’s no use.

And we, the experienced “already-lost-1000’s-of-dollars” obese tribe, are particularly skeptical of any new ‘program’, given our pathetic experience with 100’s of products.

I, myself look through my huge skeptic’s glasses whenever someone pitches or mentions a “new weight loss product”.

With that said, let’s put the trim down club through the scanner.

Trim down club… get ready for some slicing and dicing!

twirly-arrow-right Go To The Trim Down Club

1 What should you expect from the trim down club?

The trim down club is a 3 year old membership site, focused towards building a positive community of obese people who are tired of searching for ‘solutions’.

The foundation of the program is to teach you to bring about a lifestyle change, rather than looking for yo-yo weight loss solutions.

And that couldn’t be far from the truth.

Here’s a nice, simple, one line truth about losing weight..

The reason you are still obese is not because you haven’t found “THE best weight loss solution”, but because you haven’t found something that you will ACTUALLY STICK TO!

Atkins diet? It works.
Paleo diet? It works.
Juice diet? It works.
Trim down club? It works.
South Beach Diet? It works.

WTH? YES! They all work!

But that’s not even the issue here.

The bigger question here is – Which one is actually “stickable”!?

You are going to absolutely detest the Atkins after a week, and you’ll hate the paleo once you start eating all the meat, and don’t even get me started on the juice diet!

So our number 1 problem: It’s not finding the ‘right’ program, it’s finding something that we will actually stick to!

And that’s where the Trim Down Club comes as a breath of fresh air.

It’s something that I have stuck to for over a year now, since it’s not a super strict diet, and there’s a ton of variety in the recipes, the pre-requisite for sticking to any diet program.

In fact, the trim down club is not even a ‘diet program’, it’s more of a lifestyle program, where you change one thing at a time.

It will teach you to inculcate new habits, even new shopping habits, the way you shop for groceries and other kitchen goodies.

So the foundation of the trim down club is to make sure you actually stick with the program.

And to get you to use it, for if you do, you WILL lose a lot of your ugly fat, they give you a lot of useful tools and online apps.

But the biggest reinforcement for me was the huge community of similar people. More about it later…

So the first thing you should expect from the trim down club is learning a new way of life, a new way of cooking, a new way of eating, and a new way of not having to “go on a diet” anymore.


2 Who Can Do This? Who is The Trim Down Club For?

The majority of folks in the trim down club community are like me, people who have literally tried hundred’s of products with either no results or temporary results.

So first of all, ask yourself this… do you wish to break some heads whenever you see someone advertising and promising “weight loss in 2 weeks” or similar claims?

Great! Then you might be a good candidate for our community! :D

Kidding aside, the trim down club is ideal for people who can actually prepare and eat homemade stuff, or have someone who can prepare for them.

If you or your spouse cooks, then this program can become one of the cheapest and best investment you could make towards better weight and health.

For those who are constantly on the move and eat most of their meals on the run, this might not be perfect for you. But still, even for such people, I will definitely ask you to consider going through their main manual. It is EXTREMELY well written and can throw light on a LOT of common myths and weight loss issues. And hey, the cost at $47 is nothing to think ten times anyway.

So once again, who is the trim down club for?

Perfect for people who can cook or eat at home.
Not so perfect for people who eat on the move. But still advised to go for it as the main manual will enable you to eat correctly when on the move.

twirly-arrow-right Go To The Trim Down Club


3 When Will The Trim Down Club’s Results Come?

Ahhh… the most common question… when will the results come!?

Everybody and his brother want slim, like yesterday! And the crazy fast pace of the world doesn’t help.

If I tell you honestly that you will really start benefitting from the trim down club nowhere before the first 6-8 weeks, you’ll definitely first do this > :(

But it’s not just true, it’s how it should be!

Here’s something to think about…

Your body is a complex machine, we can agree on that, right?

There are like hundreds of activities and changes going on inside you every minute. Now just think how long it took you to get fat (assuming you have not been fat forever)?

It took years to get where you are right now, correcto?

You didn’t “suddenly bulk up” in a month, right?


It’s very much possible, with crazy starvation and biggest loser type extreme training, but does it make sense? Does it sound healthy?

And the biggest question – Is it something you will love to continue forever!?


The reason trim down club is a winner for me is because the kind of change it brought in my THINKING!

More than losing weight, it’s all about better health right?

I know that most of us have a secret desire of looking ravishing, of making heads turn and making your friends go bonkers when they see you all slim and fit.

But that’s not gonna last forever.

Ultimately, it’s all about improving your health, bettering your body from the inside. And better health is synonymous with the right weight anyway.

So here’s another advice box for you all…

Instead of trying to ‘lose weight fast’, and methods that will teach you that, aim to learn WHY you will lose weight and how can you actually stick to the path that does help you do it.

No matter how badly we all want to ‘trim down’, the only way you will actually remain trimmed down is by bringing the change gradually, by improving the QUALITY of your body, and by not forcing it to do that.

“Time it seems, is always against us!”
Morpheus – Matrix, The

But do remember that time SEEMS to be against us, but it’s actually not. With the trim down club, you can finally ignore other quick fixes and concentrate fully on it, knowing that IT HAS TO change you from the inside, even if it takes a little more ‘time’.


4 What Does The Trim Down Club Consist Of?

Here’s a rundown of what you expect when you sign up…

1 The first thing you download is the Trim Down Club’s quick start guide.

Though it’s called the quick start guide, it’s a detailed one in itself!

Here’s a pic of the table of contents.

Trim down club quick start guide

The goal of this quick start guide is to get you up to speed.

2 The second and most important component is the main trim down club manual, the heart and soul of the program. It’s a 96 page, detailed guide with 11 chapters.

Here’s a pic of the table of contents.

Trim down club table of contents

My favorite one is chapter 7 without doubt.

3 The third and yummy download is the crazy huge cook book! It’s a whopping 179 page recipe book adhering to the principles of the trim down club.

Trim down club cookbook

Go to the Trim Down Club  

There are 100’s of recipes in there to get you started, (plus thousands more inside the community!)

The next batch of ‘what you get’ are the online apps and tools.

4 There’s a slick meal planner which you can work and view even through your iphone as I just found today! :D

5 A diet journal – I don’t use it much, as I am not a very organized gal, but it might be useful for others.

6 A progress meter – This is a good tool! I have used it from day 1 and it keep you highly motivated to see your progress visually on a graph! :)

7 Feeling luck menu – This is a nice twist to the program when and if you get bored. This spits out (pun not intended) a unique recipe each time you use the tool. Some of them are very very yummy.

8 Menu History – This is a section where you can save your menus and recipes. Handy when you need to remember “that tasty recipe you forgot”.

And the best is saved for the lasy…

The best part for me was the HUGE community of likeminded people.

The online community is a private membership site reserved only for the trim down club members and their coaches.

It’s the next best thing you can have to getting a private coach, and the best part is getting so many experts to help you at a one off fee (try looking and drop your jaw at the per session fees of nutrition experts these days).

Here’s a screenshot of the activity that goes on in there… look out for the number of posts/replies on members’ queries.

Trim down club community

I have asked questions that have gotten replies in like minutes.

So that’s what the Trim Down Club is ‘made up’ of, the biggest win is the active community, where I actually felt I could open up about my specific obesity problems. Another surprising thing was the number of people who went or are still going through the exact similar troubles.

Feels good knowing you’re not the only one facing a unique problem.


5 Do I Recommend The Trim Down Club? Should You Do This? (And FAQ’s)

Without doubt I do! And sure, being a member myself does make me slightly more biased.

But when I first joined, there were no reviews like this one, and I looked at it with a much more skeptical vision.

So let’s look at the trim down club objectively by asking few questions ourselves…

Why is the trim down club program about, in a nutshell?
It is one of the most practical programs out there with a big focus on the community part. Rather than forcing your body to lose weight with impossible, impractical long term methods, it teaches you to instill habits that will lead to better health and invariably, weight loss.

What’s different and/or better in the trim down club?
A big monetary difference (compared to other pricy membership programs) is a onetime fee for lifetime access. Almost all popular weight loss solutions charge a monthly fee for subscriptions or monthly supplies. A good example is the current rage in the market, the plexus slim range of products, or the Slimquick products. All these products charge a recurring charge for their “monthly supplies”.

So the Trim Down Club is a LOT better then all these products because it is a one time cost.

Also, “better” than most other programs is the actual content and method of the program compared to 1000’s of “$7 ebooks”.

And hey, most importantly, it works! It takes time, sure, but then it should, remember.

Why not go for a typical diet (Atkins/South Beach) instead of this?
Like I established at the start of this review, those diets WILL work, sure. But there’s no diet in the world which you will actually stick to, for the long term. So let’s say you go with the Atkins, you will lose weight, but you will gain it all back when you quit it (which you WILL).

And that’s where I can’t stop praising the trim down club. It will keep you hooked, with the every growing database of recipes, the engaging community, and the easy, gradual changes in your kitchen and diet.

Will I have to exercise with the trim down club?
From my experience, getting back in shape follows the classic Pareto principle. 80% of your results come from 1 thing, and 20% from other(s) .

And in our case, 80% of results will come by changing your food, your diet, and 20% from your exercise or workout.

So yes, exercise will MOST definitely help you in the long run (the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism), but to get the kind of results you seek, first and foremost, correct your diet.

twirly-arrow-right Go To The Trim Down Club


6 How To Maximize The Results of Trim Down Club?

To get optimum results with the trim down club, I would suggest combining it with a workout you can actually do (as opposed to most workouts targeted at already fit people!).

Working out (even if 30mins/3 times a week) increases the strength in your muscles, accelerating your metabolism and getting you as close to that ‘slim but fit’ look.

And no, before you ask, no matter how much you do workout, don’t worry about getting TOO muscular!

Unless you gorge on crazy amounts of protein, you are NEVER going to look like that! :D

So without any doubt, combine the trim down club with a good workout and the results (albiet slow) will amaze you!

I can share my workout with you if you want. It’s my own creation, and created specifically for obese people.


Because when I was myself looking for a workout, I couldn’t find anything decent for “already obese” people.

Seriously, 9 out of 10 common workouts assume you are already fit! :S

So anyway, if you want my workout, just ask for it. :)

Finally we come to the end of this trim down club review.

I hope I was able to cover all of the doubts, queries and questions related to the program. The only reason, like I said before, that I wrote this review was because I couldn’t find anything when I myself was searching for ‘trim down club reviews‘.

If you are already inside, you can look for me (Betty Smith) and we can talk more in there.

And if you still have any questions about the trim down club, feel free to ask me below in the comments section, I reply to all comments. :)

Here’s wishing you better judgment (to know the better products from the scams), focus (to help you say NO to others) and good health!

Betty Smith

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  1. Thank you Betty for taking such time to go through all that detail. I have literally just joined. I’m from Northern Ireland. I was 40 in Aug 2014 and want to get healthier for energy level reasons as opposed to weight loss although like most women i am open to being trimmer. Im 5’4 and a half(important) and10 and a half stone. I like exercising but with three young children i find it tough. I’ve taken up running in the last few months and am enjoying it. I’m glad i haven’t wasted my money, my biggest challenge is that i’m not a cook and have limited knowledge of good food. i’ve always eaten convenience foods and have a basis pallete so i’m hoping i wont get dis-heartened. i lost my dad last year and just feel life is to be lived to the full and i’m determined to have a healthy body and mind as my dad didn’t live a healthy life although he lived to 87. I want to teach my family to enjoy life and be healthy. here’s to just starting out. thanks again.x

  2. Betty,

    First off I want to say thank you! You are AMAZING! I have been struggling with my weight for over two years now and I’ve tried everything with no lasting results. I was sent to the from a link off pinterest, watched the LONGGG (but educational video) and thought hmm, “Its too good to be true” so I googled reviews and yours was the first one that popped up. I loved how detailed you were about every aspect. You look healthy and beautiful.Congratulations on your success story, I do have questions for you though, (if its not to personal) I would love to know how much you’ve lost on the program? how long it took you? what are your favorite exercises? and any advice you would give a 24 year old Kansas City girl that is just looking to become healthy and fit once again. Thank you for reading this and being an inspiration.

    • Bre, I have no problem talking about it, that’s the reason I wrote this post. Anyhoo, I lost over 60lbs in 8 months, yes it took time, but all good things do. My favorite exercises these days are weight lifting (I love shoulder workouts), running (after my 2 kids!!) and swimming.

      If you’re 24, you are at the best age of your life! Just go do it and the only advice I can give you is –> DON’T QUIT! :)

      It’s gr8 that you are doing something about your obesity right now, instead of ‘waking up’ at 50!

  3. Thanks for your review it was most informative. I do not eat wheat of any kind thanks to wheat belly and have stopped as much starch as I can avoid does the trim down meal plan have any wiggle room in it to look after these issues and I also am diabetic.Thanks in advance for any imput you may have

  4. I’m 77 years old and because my wife died very recently I’ve been forced to face cooking for myself. To say that my cooking skills are rudimentary vastly overstates my abilities in the kitchen. Having said all that I am desperate to loose weight – I’ve tried weight watchers many times with varied success. Bearing all this in mind – could I cope with the Trim Down Club?

  5. Betty you said in your review that you have been using the Trim Down Club for over a year. How much weight have you lost? How many sizes have you gone down? Myself and family members are interested in joining but would like to know what long term results could be expected. I am not extremely obese. I want to lose twenty to thirty pounds. That would put me in the middle of the recommended weight range for my height.

    • Tamera, you WILL have to combine it with some form of resistance based workout for it. The best, proven workout is without any doubt, lifting weights. You can also try some of the popular body weight workouts too… but yes, the trim down club will very much help you in this as a 50% partner.

  6. Thank you so Much for this review. I was reading others abd soon became discouraged but then yours popped up and have me some relief. I’m excited to embark on this journey and discover my skinny self once again. I miss her.

  7. Hi Betty thank you so much for you’re review on the trim down club which makes so. McUh sense but the sceptical side of me is still refraining from signing up despite the very cheap cost! I just wanted to check if it’s a diet that’s is suitable for and vegans? I’m not vegan for any religious reason it’s just my family follow a vegan diet throughout the week and eat meat on the weekends, purely for health reasons!

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

  8. I’ve watched the TrimDownClub video and it’s very encouraging. I have my doubts, BUT, I think it’s worth a try. Considering everybody and their sister have a program, this is no different but definitely is informative. They offer the full refund and seem sincere. If you don’t like it and they pull the crap about not refunding your money, you dispute the charge, file a complaint against them with the Better Business Bereau or Feds and have fun with their fruitless game. With all that being said, I think they have integrity and an earnest effort to help people succeed. The person thinking of joining have to decide to make that change in life style and keep to it! It starts there with change and sticking with the new you. I’m not a product of them, but I’m going to try it and join! I want to lose 50 pounds.

    • Hi Marvin, I can most definitely relate with your comment, I guess 7 out of 10 companies give all sorts of problems returning our money. But the best part about trim down club is that you can automatically request for your refund from their payment gateway, without even telling them. The steps are given in the receipt email you get from “ClickBank”…

    • Hi Nita, More than age, it depends on your current fitness level. So if you can follow the guidelines, you can most definitely benefits from it. Do one thing, get the program and try it for 4-6 weeks and see how you feel as well as the results. In any case, they guarantee it for 8 weeks, so you have enough time to check it out…

  9. Hi Betty, I just came across this Sat. and was instantly intrigued. I am 65 and have been yo-yoing for 40 years. I am still pretty healthy but know I am in for trouble if I don’t change my ways.Most of my overeating comes from emotional issues and the cause of them will not change. Does this plan address that at all? I need to lose 70-80 lbs. Thank you for your reply, Jane

    • Jane,
      I can give you my personal cravings control guide that specifically addresses emotion eating and curing it with a very highly effective scientific technique. Just leave a comment here if you want to get it from me… :)

      • Hi Betty
        Thank you for your hopefully life changing post! I like jane am an emotional eater and would love your personal cravings control guide. I think you are fabulous

    • I think they have added an option to request for a hard copy. In any case, you can download everything one off if you connection’s slow…

    • May I please have your personal cravings control guide that addresses emotional eating? I’m 61 & 41 year old son is getting married for first time end of July so want to get started quickly! Have disabled daughter that requires MOST my time dealing with VERY poorly controlled seizures day & night, so am apprehensive that I can accomplish much of anything due to me serious time constraints!I Will probably join here in a few minutes, or couple hours! Thanks much!

    • I have just found the Trim Down Club and am now joining. I have a HUGE, HUGE PROBLEM with cravings. Several years ago my doctor had me do some extensive journaling which, she said, proved that I am in fact a sugar addict. It’s hard to deal with, which then leads to emotional eating. I could use any tips you could give.

    • Hi Betty — May I please have your personal cravings control guide? My problem is an addiction to high carb sweets. Thank you so much!

    • I, too, am an emotional eater. Would it be possible to get your personal cravings control guide? Fantastic info you provided. Thanks so much!

  10. Hi, I’m dairy intolerant I was wondering if it’s possible to tick a box and if they take into account? Don’t want to start and then see that they propose butter as a replacement. Thank you.

    • Hi Manon,
      I haven’t checked specifically for this option, but you can sign up and check it yourself. Worse case, you can just mention about it and ask for a refund. Better still, continue for 3-4 weeks as you have a full 8 weeks guarantee…

  11. Has Dr. Oz been made aware of this club? Having an endorsement from a well-known nutritional advisor (or credentialed celebrity) would be extremely beneficial. It would give me the confidence to try this plan. While the $47
    doesn’t seem like a lot of money to most people; it is to me at this time in my life. Every cent counts.

    • No offense Dena, but Dr. Oz IS a well known nutritional adviser, but HE IS NOT a good one! The two most popular things he recommended on his show, Raspberry Ketones and the whole Garcinia hoopla, actual research is severely lacking for both of them. So I am not very sure of his “recommendations” here on in…

      As for the trim down club, other than the reason that it did work for me and many people I recommended, the other reason I recommend it is because they give a fair guarantee.

      Finally, to put things in perspective, the average American family spends more than $600-650 on groceries and supplies every month. I am sure $50 doesn’t sound that “pricey” keeping that in mind… :)

  12. Thank you Betty. When I join, I will definitely look for your name. I’ve tried seversl things too. The only thing I’ve struggled with is knowing what foods to pair together cor meals. I already watched the long video, and I am skeptical. It is your review that has pushed me to try trim down club.

  13. I would like to join even tho I do not need to lose weight. I am interested in getting rid of the fat on my belly and around my waist. Would this work for me?

    • Hi Cath,
      I don’t think they have a different English version, but to be quite honest, I don’t think it will be too much of a problem as they (we Americans!) do still talk/write in “English”! ;)

      Kidding aside, it won’t be that difficult to understand the recipes…

  14. I am very interested. I have arthritis and I am lactose intolerant and I have a vegetarian partner who eats way too much soya But is very slim. We live in the UK. Will the plan be suitable as I do find US recipes sometimes use ingredients not available over here. Do you know if there are many UK based members?

    • Hi Tricia,
      Yes you can join as almost 99% of the recipes and their ingredients will be available in the UK. And yes again, there are a lot of members from the UK. :)

  15. The information in the program is excellent. Truly excellent. And the price is exceedingly reasonable. Remember, however, that there are often many factors — many reasons — for something, especially something as complicated as weight gain, both personally and as a culture. One of the factors rarely discussed is sleep deprivation. And stress. First, about sleep deprivation. The average person requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. The average U.S. citizen, especially young women and women raising children? Five hours — or less! Sleep deprivation causes a host of problems, including excessive cortisol production, stress, desire to overeat and desire to eat too many simple carbohydrates (it’s more complicated than this but let’s stick with this explanation for now). Add stress to sleep deprivation and you have a formula for excessive weight gain, a huge hurdle to overcome for reasonable weight loss and the ability to keep that loss off over time. One of the best things you can do while trying to lose weight and maintain the loss is to meditate for 10 to 20 minutes a day — you will sleep better, have more self-control, better metabolism and improve your health, including your chance of succeeding at weight loss. Am I plugging meditation? Yes, I most certainly am.

  16. Hi Betty
    I’d like to know the exact price of the Trim Down Club. Is it $49 per month? Also can you tell me in a few sentences what this price covers specifically. I also have Thyroid issues and I am 65 years old. Thank you.

    • Linda,
      I think it’s 47 or 49 one time, not a recurring payment. Of course, they might optionally ask you to “add-on” some extras, but you can always deny and just go for the basic program. For the basic price, you get the main program, the membership, the tools and I think the other goodies mentioned on their homepage…

  17. Hi Betty,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I´m interested in the energy part of the program not on the loosing weight. My height is 1.78cm and I weight 150 pounds, but in the last two years I went from a size 34 to a size 32 without even trying to reduce size. I´m worried if I follow this eating tips I´ll become a size 30. After reading the website and your review it makes a lot of sense and as I said I’m interested in the healthy and energy side of it, but I’m curious if it will affect my weight.

    • Alejandro,
      What you can do is start the program, and then eat as per the program, but TO NOT REDUCE portion sizes! Try doing that for a few weeks and then tweak as per your results. But mainly, STICK to it, don’t keep changing plans…

    • They are listed in their opening video, I think some of them are processed/packed orange juice, plain white sugar, wheat flour(?) and probably food labelled as “diet foods”… but have a look at the video for the exact list…

  18. Hi Betty, Cant wait to get started, I’ll definitely be in touch when I get in the community. Thanks for the informative review. I have been fat forever and I do mean forever! I have had my stomach banded twice – once for about 25 years and then replaced with the new improved method that never worked and punctured my stomach. But these methods don’t change the way you think, so really its still hard to lose weight and keep it off. I have no banding now and yes I have got fatter but this seem to be what I have been looking for as I eat less than my family or friends (out of habit with the band) but I don t lose any weight. As I said Cant Wait To Get Started! Thanks

  19. Hi Betty,
    I enjoyed your review. It’s convincing. I’ve not seen much about the foods recommended…one thing I do not want, is having to buy all kinds of “exotic”, pricey, difficult to find foods !! May I have your take on this please. Thank you !

    • John,
      Almost 80-90% of the foods/ingredients are things you can find locally. :)

      So go ahead, and of course, you have full 60 days to try it anyway…

  20. My main concern is that I won’t get my money back without a hassle if I decide this program is not for me. Can you give me any assurance that I will receive a full refund if I ask for one?

    • Linda,
      The program’s payment is processed by a third party processor with no stake in this program. Simply speaking, you can even bypass the main program creators and directly open a refund ticket at the payment folks and they’ll do it within a day. Of course, you have 60 days to give it a full go, and if honestly tried, I don’t think you’ll want to return your membership. :)

  21. Over the last 2 years I have lost over 4stone but it’s starting to pile on, why I have lost motivation, if I never ate another salad it would be too soon, if I never ate another Ryveta it would be too soon, I could go on, I stayed off alcohol for quite a few months, I do 20 mins exercise every day, but I have to be careful as I have a back problem, so I leave weights alone, my age is 68 and male and I worked hard to loose the weight but it’s not the first time this has happened, it’s always the same I run out of steam and motivation, I get very angry with me

    • Firstly, don’t take it out on yourself so hard Terry! It happens to ALL of us! We lose the weight we want, then start losing control and the systems that worked, and we are back to gorging!

      Considering your age, this could be a great program for you as it does not involve a lot of weight training or heavy exercises.

  22. Hi Betty,
    I am thinking of joining.
    I was wondering, when did you start? I saw that you said you lost 62 pounds in 8 months, as of today have you been able to keep that off? Have you lost additional weight since then? I am in the over 50 crowd and I know I will lose slower, but I am curious as to your current results.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sandy,
      Yes it did take me some time to lose all that flab, but maybe you also know by now that yes, it DOES take time when done correctly!

      Secondly, yes, I have been able to maintain my weight with moderate efforts. For e.g. if you just achieve your target weight and go back, of course you are going to gain it all back… but if you can just continue with the good diet + add some form of exercise to it, you will maintain your results. It’s actually a delicate balance to find “how much” activity/diet maintenance you need after reaching your target. Sometimes you do gain a bit, but you also know what’s working for your body… :)

      All the best and yes, for $47 one time, it’s DEFINITELY worth it!

  23. Hi, I read your review and I am thinking of joining. Do you know how well this program would work for people who primarily eat out? I’m not talking about fast food, just restaurant in general. We rarely eat at home and it looks like the program is dependent on preparing your own meals. Thanks

    • This, you’ll have to try out Marie. Some people make it work even if they eat outside, so what I’d suggest is giving it a try for a few weeks as you anyway have full 60 days to try it out… more than enough time. :)

  24. Hi Betty
    I just completed my second week. I lost 3.5 pounds the first week and none the second week. I am currently in Germany where the body is compelled to keep the fat because of the lousy weather. I wanted to know did you ever have a week when you did not lose anything? Then I would like to know how I can get the cookbook and the the manual. Was that something that is paid for extra, I signed up for the basic plan. If that is part of the basic plan, I can’t find it. Thanks.

    • First off, congrats! Now STICK to it!

      Secondly, yes, I have had not *A* week, but *weeks* without any weight loss, and it’s completely normal. Everyone’s body is different and you’re not gonna lose fat “on a schedule”. So stick with the plan and you will see gradual progress. As for the manual, you get the ‘digital’ version in your membership itself. For the physical copy, I think there’s an extra for it… why don’t you just open a support ticket with them and find out it’s cost, etc…

  25. Hi Betty,
    I joined yesterday and am still trying to navigate around the site, etc. One thing that I’ve noticed most of all, is the apparent group support that is available. This is not a bunch of “skinny minis” but real people of different decades that are helping each other.
    One other thing, the recommended foods are of the more expensive nature in the supermarkets. Since I have to cook two different meals (married to “MR. PICKY”) this will be a challenge.
    Is TVP allowed?

    • Hey Laura,
      Yep, you are right! The active group is the cherry on top! :)

      About TVP, I think you should ask in there itself and some coach will answer it…

    • Hi Perla,
      Just click on the button located all over this page and you’ll go to the trim down club’s site. There you can proceed to their payment page and once complete, you can join instantly.

  26. Hi Betty, i am considering joining after reading your review. You mentioned in it if we want to find out your workout to just ask, what is your workout and how often do you do it? Thanks :)

  27. Dear Betty,
    I am from Sri Lanka and I am also really worried about my weight.i have tried different diet plans but as soon as I stop I have gained even more kilos. After watching the video on trim down club I am interested in trying it out. But I am wondering whether it will be possible for me to follow it be cause we have entirely different food habits from your in our country.

    • What you can do is join and go through the program once, if you feel it’ll work for you, awesome! If not, you always have 60 days to return it. :)

  28. Seriously thinking about this, but currently on a program through my hospital. I’ll probably sign up after this program is over.

  29. I’ve been doing weight watchers for years, however, it doesn’t seem to be working for me right now. I am skeptical because i found the video posted on my facebook. After reading your review, I wanted to post a comment to make sure that this is indeed for real. I am really considering signing up. It seems like a great plan and one that will help me finally get off that plateau. That’s what I’m looking for. I need my body to start losing again…looking to lose 10-20 lbs.

  30. Its about time someone told the truth about dieting. I never was able to stay with those quick loss plans……and I’ve been doing them FOREVER! Thanks for an honest review…..can’t wait to get started!

  31. I have spent so much money on different diets that don’t work. I don’t trust anymore. But, i do feel i want to give this a chance. I need to make sure that it is worth my time. Many people are paid to endorse these products, i hope this isn’t another gimmick for them to get money from the consumers.

    • You’re right Lori, and those people are called “affiliates”, but the one thing to note is that when it’s an affiliate website, the actual “link” to the merchant is not a DIRECT link, but something like “”, which is why the affiliate gets credit… have a look at my links. Straight to the merchant.

      So no, I have got no affiliation and I don’t get any monetary benefit, it’s just a program that’s worked for me when MANY have failed, that’s why I happily recommend it is all… :)

  32. Betty, I have not joined the program yet but I have been looking over the recipes. I noticed that the ingredients are expensive and not sure if I can find in a grocery store. I am 46 years old , 5’4″ and weigh 205. I want to loose 60 lbs. I have several health issues and I am on disability. I have a limited income and can’t afford a $400 grocery bill. I was wondering if it is possible to use regular flour and oils?

    • Yes Tina, you can substitute some of their higher priced oils and flour with one with lower costs… their recommendations are more like ‘guidelines’, especially when it comes to the actual ingredients. So yes, you can substitute and it won’t hamper your results much…

  33. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for the review. I am not an obese person but I want to lose around 15 pounds which is not much but I have reached a plateau. I have tried everything and nothing works to lose this weight. Do you feel this program would be good for me or not.

    • Hi Jodi,
      I would most definitely recommend at least trying it out for 4-6 weeks. You anyway get a guarantee period of 60 days, so definitely worth trying out…

  34. Found your review interesting and glad you decided to do so for further lookers of scams and legitimate sites. Could you email me your personal cravings control guide. Thanks

    • Hi Beth,
      More like ‘available online’. Meaning, you are given a membership account where you can download, read online and interact (ask questions, share your progress) with other members.

      In this day and age, MUCH better than just “a book”…

  35. Hi Betty, firstly congratulations on the weight loss. Really is amazing. I have been struggling with my weight for about 10 years now ( I’m now 28) and I am getting married in December and have hardly lost a thing. I’m so angry and upset that when I tried my dress on i thought I looked disgusting. This is not how I want to look for my wedding and your review has given me hope that there’s something which may help me in these final countdown months. Can I ask did you have any cheat days at all? Like we tend to have a takeaway of some sort most Saturdays or did you cut it all out for good? Look forward to hearing from you x

    • Of course I have cheat days Katie!! Nobody can “stay on the path” 100% of the time and nor should you even. 80% commitment for a year is better than 100% for a month!

  36. Trimdownclub is just another scam selling information to gullible people, endorsed by those who stand to profit, either directly or indirectly. ANYONE who is a qualified doctor in the UK would NEVER host a site like this and try to squeeze money out of people. Go figure.

    • Hi Adam,
      1) If anyone “selling information” is a scam… you’ve just called 90% of all educational sources a scam!
      2) Your second statement about ‘qualified doctors’ never hosting a site like this is bizarre at best.

      Finally, to be completely neutral about it and not sound like I am “promoting” their program, you always have a 60 days money back period that you can avail DIRECTLY from their payment processor, Clickbank, bypassing them altogether.

      There, that should prove to you that I am totally neutral about it.

      Selling information is never a scam Adam, selling dreams is.

  37. How does it compare to Weight Watchers? I did that for years, but I am tired of meetings, driving there, etc. I am ready to join. Do we weigh once a week?

    • It’s nothing like WW Donna, it’s completely online. And the focus is more on your health, muscle tone improvement than the actual number on the scales!

  38. Hi Betty, I really enjoyed your review, I am 71 and needto lose about 80 lbs. I was wandering if you know if it can be downloaded on my Kindle . I have looked at the recipes , and thinking about joining ,” have tried everything also”

    • I am sure it should be accessible on your Kindle, ASSUMING that it’s a latest version that can ALSO run browsers apart from books?

  39. Will this program work for someone who is morbidly obese? I need to lose about 200 lbs. Also can I get your craving and workout posts? I am disabled but able to do most things except running.

    • I think yeah, there’s an option once you are a member to request for a physical copy Marilyn… check it out, in any case, you have 60 days to refund if there isn’t one. ;)

  40. When I was going thru the sign up process and gave my card number, they started trying to sell me other things. I got really concerned, that at the end of every sales section, I was prompted to save money at a certain cost OR click the ” NO THANKS, I realize it’s a great offer, but, I’d rather pay full price “. Did that mean, I just to bought it at full price, if I clicked on it ? Was confused. Please help. Thx

    • Hi Tim,
      It’s a usual practice these days to “upgrade” to a higher quality version (sometimes with videos, etc.) But it’s completely optional, heck I have nothing more than their default set of tools! :)

      Also, you can just call your card company to see if there were any additional charges, and if there were, you can simply get in touch with the trim down guys and they’ll refund your additional purchases. Just see to it that you do in their refund period.

      I have been in there for long and can assure you at least that these are not some scammers trying to woo for more money. But I guess the costs in the health and weight loss industry have gone so high that there’s a need for the “upgrades” I guess…

  41. Hi Betty
    It was so nice to read your review of the TDC. I’m so fedup of fad diets and wanted something that both my husband and myself can follow but through something we naturally have to do every day and that is eat. My question is once you have paid the £37 to get started do you then have to pay any extra to access the recipes and progress charts etc.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Rita,
      Thanks for your comment, and no, you don’t have to pay anything extra after the initial payment… but… they will give you several optional add-on options after the initial purchase. If you want, you can choose to buy them or you can ignore them (the ignore, “no thanks” link is usually at the bottom of the page).

      So to access the basic components, the first, one time payment is enough.

    • Umaina,
      NO. You are too young to be on a weight loss program. Concentrate on your school right now dear, play some outdoor sports, play so much that you drench in your own sweat, enjoy this time sweety, you’ll regret you didn’t later!

  42. Hi Betty, thanks for your review it looks great. I’ve tried all the plans & have recently bounced back up to 17 1/2 stone from 13 St 12 lb after coming off a sliming world plan. Completely demoralised & see another fad diet! Too good to be true? Help!!

    • Hi Philip,
      This, trim down club is DEFINITELY not a fad diet, it’s more of a lifestyle program and membership. So definitely give it a shot…

  43. Betty, I joined today. I would love to have any of your materials you are willing to share. You mentioned an emotional eating item and a doable workout plan. Thank you for your generosity of time. Linda D.

  44. Hi Betty,
    thanks for the detailed review. I am 52 years old and suffer with fibromyalgia and recently had to give up my job which was physical, on my feet 13 hours a day. The weight has crept up and up currently at 13 stone. Exercise is difficult for me because of my pain but I do try to take my dogs for a walk each day. Iv’e tried juicing, ketones, garcinia, nothing sustainable! I’m thinking of joining TDc. Doo you have any knowledge of others having a similar situation on this plan?

    • Hi Jo,
      I don’t know any specific people with fibromyalgia in the trim down club, but I am pretty sure there must be many given how many people suffer from it. Why don’t you give the program a try and see if it works for you, you have their 8 weeks guarantee in any case.

    • Hi Pat,
      It’s not my program, I am just a blogger who had good results with it. :)

      But you are right, they do have an 8 week money back guarantee, and I think they do have a phone number on their contact page.

  45. I am in need of loosing 30 lbs. I am lactose intolerant I don’t eat anthing white and I crave salts. will this plan work for me?

  46. Hi Betty, i did read a lot of the comments in reply to your review of the trim down club and i have to say “well done” on such an imfornative review..
    I lost a lot of weight on Body Trim, it was eating 6 meals a day, 70 % protein very low carb. .. when i stopped it and went back to 3 meals a day, tbe weight went back on quickly… im also a grazer some days but on those days i am careful as to what i should eat.
    Do you think this would suit me? I do well on high protein low carb eating plans…i just need structure and a bit of help in general.
    With BT if i missed a meal, i would panic myself sick, i dont want that again.
    Thank you again Betty.
    Thank you again for success a great

    • Hi,
      The 5 foods to never eat are concentrated orange juice, margarine, whole wheat bread, processed soy, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) like corn. Simply stopping the consumption of these will help you more than “pill” or shake might!

  47. Hello Betty, I have seen the tdc page a few times and have even been through the video a couple of times, decided today that I would look a little deeper, found your review and have decided to give it a go. I have looked at some of the recipes and can understand some peoples doubts as to whether the ingredients are available in England. I have seen some of them on the shelves already, before I was looking for them, so they are available, at least some of them. Thank you for the review it tipped the scales (!!!) for me, take care.

  48. Did you purchase any of the many supplements that they
    continually offer to help in your weight loss. I have tried the
    protein powder and several of the fat burning supplements and don’t know if they really work or not. I have lost 15 lbs
    in 3 months with just changing my eating habits. I’m 64, a
    retired nurse and have arthritis which prevents lengthy exercising. I’m at a plateau now and hope the weight starts dropping again soon. Thanks

  49. Hey Betty , congrats your story is like mine ,I tried everything & gained it all back. I’m 66 & I want to take this off this time, I want to be healthy, & fallow an easy plan that allows me to divert from it on occasion & still feel It’s appealing & satisfying enough to want to go back to. Three yrs. ago I took off 60lbs. bought nice new clothes & swore I’d never put it back on, but I guess I was doing the wrong thing , & I just wanted all those comfort junkies we like. WHAT will keep me to want to stay with it? and not fall off the wagon. Help if u can.

  50. Hi Betty, I am in the UK and have been diagnosed with Hypothyroid about 3 years ago. Ive not been doing well with Levothyroxine so have recently started on Naturethroid . I have gained weight and feel horrible. I am wondering if anyone has same problem and managed to lose weight on this plan. Also can I eat sprouted wheat bread on this plan? thank you

    • Hi Lesley,
      Don’t know if anyone with your very specific condition is in there, but I’d say since they do have a 60 days guarantee, you can certainly try for a few weeks…

    • Yep, I think you can work around those… though on a personal level, I can understand the disdain for fish, but why veggies?

  51. Hi Betty! Thank you so much for your feedback/review! I know it took a great deal of thought and time! It helped me make the decision to join.

    I do not buy into all the diet fads and have always prided myself in cooking with whole foods and avoiding preservatives and I never buy foods with artificial sweeteners like aspartame but reading your journey sounded just like mine!!!!

    The most convincing/encouraging thing you put out there in your testimony (unlike the VERY VERY VERY LONG advertisement) was it takes time. Like you I have struggled with weight/obesity issues since high school and then I had a baby then my body had changed! Since the I’ve had a total hysterectomy and HOLY CROW that’s a whole other issue!!!

    I do not want a fad diet and want to be healthy. I am going to put it out there… Weight Watchers helped me lose almost 40lbs which took me only 3 months to put back on plus some was not the answer.

    As soon as I started eating off the points program “normally” even with portion control I began packing on the pounds again! I am so hopeful now!!! Thank you again I will look for you in the forum for encouragement and support and advise!

  52. Hi Betty, I’ve been reading through your post and the Trim Down Club; which is really interesting. I am a single parent and have to really watch what I buy. Do the recipes use normal foods or do I have to purchase organic and expensive foods?

    • Hi Joani,
      Organic is always welcome, but not compulsory. For e.g. I myself do not use the expensive organic stuff… But yeah, whenever there’s any special running or my local store’s offering some discount, I am the first one to jump on it! :D

    • Yes Lisa,
      It should work because you are not restricting any of the good foods in this plan. In fact, it would be better for menopausal women because of the specific macro-nutrient ratios advised…

  53. Your post has inspired me greatly I am 64 and diabetic and have high blood pressure and fibromyagia and arthritis and had stroke 3 years ago can ride stationary bikeanf walk little with walker need to lose 60 pounds. Need help with cravings eating and your custom don’t own computer don’t own printer need manual hard copy would like your craving plan and workout you customized to help be more active can ride stationary bike and walk a little with walling cane.

  54. Hi Betty! This was a wonderful review about the trim down club. Thank you so much, it was so helpful. You pretty much covered all of the things I was wondering about. But I was just wondering, would I be allowed to join if I am a teenager? I really want to lose weight and don’t mind if it takes long but I want to find the right program and eat the right food to reach my goal.
    I hope you reply asap :)

    • Hi,
      If your card belongs to an elder, I don’t think there’s anyone stopping you. :)

      Also, as for the program itself, it’s definitely useful for people of all ages as long as they’re not little children! :)

  55. I don’t eat onions peppers, celery, mushrooms and food like that. Is there something for people like this? Or is there a way to introduce it slowly?

    • Yes Scott, you can certainly join as there are no hard rules inside that will force you to eat stuff you don’t want to eat…

  56. Hi Betty, I watched the video and have not signed up yet. I am also an emotional eater with cravings and even if I haven’t joined t he program would you share with me how you control cravings? I have been to Japan twice and am going back again for 3 months. Both times I Japan I lost 30 pounds from simply walking and eating healthier. I saw no overweight people in the area that I stayed in! That being said I am going to be 66 and I plan on being here for many years! Thanks…..Toni