Lipozene Reviews 2018 – 3 Things They Don’t Want You To Know!

(Review updated on November 02, 2018)

What’s my experience with Lipozene Pills?

Over 6 bottles of Lipozene ingested … Not fun… Nope…

My tryst with Lipozene began years ago… after my second pregnancy.

I put on a lot of weight during (of course), and after having my baby.

After trying a lot (LOT) of diet and workout programs, I completely gave up all hope of ever losing all that flab.

Getting back in my pre-pregnancy shape was a distant dream for sure.

So when I saw the *new* Lipozene infomercial, it was like, "what the heck, let’s try this too..."

And who would have thought that just a couple of months later, I would be writing a Lipozene review myself!

Albiet, not a great one at that. :(

Anyway, onward to the Lipozene reviews… let’s go…

Update: November 2018

I receive many, MANY emails from women everyday asking what did I do to lose weight, especially when I keep saying, "You DO NOT need Plexus Slim!"....

Yes, it's true that I did transform myself...

But people don't know about the countless failures, trying so many shady products, and spending over 3 years of my life in the process!

So what you can now do is go to my main site and read the 3 MANDATORY behavior changes(more like realizations) required for long-term, permanent fat loss.

And in that insanely detailed blog post, you'll see what I did to lose about 62lb in less than a year...

Without any magic shakes, pills, belts, or body wraps.

However, first, read this Lipozene review. :)

For now...

So first of all, what is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a dietary supplement sold by the company “Obesity Research Institute LLC.” (USA).

The basic active ingredient in Lipozene is a substance called Glucomannan, a root of a plant called Konjac.

The “potential” health benefits of Glucomannan are controlling Cholesterol, treating constipation (being a fiber, it decreases bowel transit time) and also potentially useful for Type 2 diabetes.

But the main reason it has got the attention of consumers is, of course, because of its (almost magical) weight loss claims.

Once the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry gets a hold of something that could *potentially* be useful, BAMMM! You will be bombarded with claims like “take a pill, lose hundreds of pounds” ... all before even testing that stuff!

And this company is notorious for doing a “cash in quickly… before it all crashes”, churn-and-burn sorta thing! So let’s have a look at the company behind it…

The Company: Obesity Research Institute, LLC

This company has already been fined 1.5 million dollars by the FTC for making crazy claims back in 2005.

Do you remember products such Fiberthin? Propolene?

Just like Lipozene, these were also two fiber-based dietary supplements. The company had claimed these would cause substantial weight loss without a good diet or even any activity!

The crazy thing is these 2 banned products ALSO contained Glucomannan as its chief ingredient and made claims almost similar to what Lipozene does.

In short… Lipozene is simply a refurbished version of these banned products, after making some legal alterations in their claims!

Trust me, it won’t be long before we see another FTC fine slapped on this product.

Summary: Lipozene is a dietary supplement with the primary ingredient being Glucomannan, a natural fiber. However, its claims have not been independently tested or verified.

What are Lipozene's Ingredients?

The main Lipozene ingredient is a fiber called Glucomannan.

It’s a dietary fiber used in the East for centuries as an aid to relieve constipation and bowel troubles.

Just like any other fiber, it does have its place as a domestic remedy to constipation.

But whether it affects weight loss in any way is still under research . Although there have been somedouble blind tests that have been successful, there is NOT much proof to associate Glucomannan with fat loss.

Other ingredients in Lipozene are: Gelatin (binder), Microcrystalline cellulose (again Glucomannan), Magnesium Silicate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide and some added colors.

How Does Lipozene Work? (If It does)

Lipozene aims to work by helping you eat less food.

The way it claims to do this is by reducing the capacity of your stomach, physically, by filling it with the natural fiber worth zero calories.

Check this image to see it visually…

So apparently, once you gulp down the pills, YOU MUST DRINK A LOT of water to help the Glucomannan fiber in the pills to absorb it.

When it does, the fiber swells up (a lot) and takes a lot of room in your stomach.

The result is = less space available for food = quick “satisfied” feeling = less food eaten.

That sounds great, no?

But that's only 'theory'.

In reality, there’s much going on in your system that cannot be “fixed” by simply forcing your body to eat less.

There have been no individual laboratory tests done with Lipozene to validate these claims.

My Biggest lipozene complaint...

Let’s assume for a minute that Lipozene DOES reduce your appetite by making you ‘feel full’.

You start eating less = total daily calorie intake reduced.

You DO start losing weight due it….


You are definitely not going to keep taking it forever.

Plus, even when you had results, it’s not like you have "trained" yourself to eat less.

While on Lipozene, you simply made your body "feel" full so you could eat less.

It’s an external stimulus. Once you stop it, your regular system will take control and it’s back to eating like before.

Guess what?

The lost weight comes screaming back! (More on this below)

Lipozene Side Effects & Problems - The First Reason To Avoid It... 

The first major issue with Lipozene is the side effects. Although made up of a natural fiber (Glucomannan remember), the fiber is usually given to folks suffering from constipation, as such, it is not intended for this kind of use

Bloatingis caused by the huge amount of fiber you are ingesting. Technically it doesn’t seem like you are actually taking too much. Lipozene’s serving size is 2 capsules of 750mg each = 1500mg.

This you take 3 times for a total of 4.5gms every day.

But guess what?

It’s not the amount of fiber that causes problems, it’s the type, form and purity.

When you eat regular fruits, nuts and vegetables containing fiber, they contain a lot of other things NOT contained in plain fiber supplements like in this pill.

As a result, fiber found in natural foods DOES NOT choke your gut! In fact, it helps and nourishes your gut flora.

Anyhoo, this, bloating thing was one of the biggest reasons I quit Lipozene!

ConstipationOf course caused by excess fiber. In spite of what you might have read so far, the fact is that excess fiber (and usually taken long term) can actually cause severe constipation.

If you are eating clean, natural foods, you do not need to ingest extra fiber. More will only block your colon.

And if you are drinking even a bit less water, well, goodness help you!

Gas and FlatulenceFiber cannot be fully digested by your body. This is the primary reason it is offered as a remedy for constipation since it passes quickly through the intestine.

But as it cannot be digested, it DOES FERMENT!

And that causes a LOT of flatulence and gas.

Think about the last time you ate a lot of raw foods, chances are you fired a lot of smellies the next day!

Well, with Lipozene, just imagine loading yourself with a big heap of smellers!

Colon injuriesLong term usage of excess fiber causes severe colon damage, including diseases like Chron’s and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Most supplement companies and nutritionists want you to believe fiber passes “unbroken” out of the body in the stool. This assumption is false.

Dietary fiber may not be digestible fully, but it is partially digestible/fermented by pathogenic gut bacteria and yeasts. These bacteria and yeasts ferment the fiber to produce alcohol, acetaldehyde, lactic acid, acetic acid, and a host of other toxic chemicals.

If it sits in your gut for a long time, the bacteria can turn the fiber into acids and toxic chemicals that damage the lining of the colon. This could potentially lead to conditions such as IBS, and a host of other autoimmune diseases.

In short, you do not need all this excess fiber, it’s not going to do any good in the long run.

Fatigue, dullness and general weaknessLipozene causes these effects because you eat less, plain and simple.

You might be in the habit of eating hundreds of calories more than what you would, before starting on Lipozene.

Though your conscious brain is aware of this, your body is not, which makes it go in defensive mode = inducing weakness and fatigue to “save energy”.

I wrote a small daily diary of sorts on my refrigerator, just to note down if/any changes while taking Lipozene.

Here are some of my notes, this will give you an idea of what might happen…

Day 1: Took the 2 Lipozene capsules, drank the required water, didn’t feel much change. Maybe I ate less because psychologically I'm feeling full?

Day 2: Took the capsules, definitely felt a little fuller today. Bowel movement was smoother. Great! ;)

Day 3-5: Some bloating today, a little cramping in the tummy during the early hours.

Day 6-10: Whoa! A lot of bloating today, I don’t feel like eating anymore, I think I’ll hurl.

Day 10-15: Weight down by about 1.5lbs, but mostly because I am starving. This is not going too well, what do I do about this crazy bloating…

Day 15-20: Mega energy drain. Have to stop taking this soon. This is turning out to be a really horrible experience. I am losing a lil’ bit of weight, nothing spectacular, but that’s mostly because I am eating so less! Should I stop…?

Day 20-30: Severe impaction! Had to go to the family doctor, got yelled at by her for taking so much fiber.


That was a quick Lipozene review of my first 30 days. I have left some details (TMI, you'll be thankful I did!), but overall the experience was FAR from pleasant.

The experience worsened when I had a week out of town for some work.

I was taking Lipozene but not enough water and the pills sort of absorbed all the water in my stomach and gut, expanding like any good fiber should!

The result?

One of the worst bout of constipation any one could ever have leading to even more complications. (Can you say anal fissures!?)

While getting treated for fissures (oh fissures are an insanely painful thing if any of you ladies have never had it!), my doctor was completely stunned when I told her what I was doing daily!

Lipozene was a horrible experience! And I would have not been so negative had it helped lose a lot of weight… which it did not! :(

I was drained, fatigued and constantly felt full, not in a good way.

Finally when my bowel were almost clogged, I had to stop Lipozene completely or face surgery!

However, There's An Even Bigger Problem With Lipozene...

The problem with Lipozene is though the premise looks great – bulk up on fiber, reduce appetite, eat less, and lose weight – our bodies are not that simple.

The body does not function the way we WISH it to.

Forcing it to do something our way only destroys the delicate balance maintained in the most important part of the body – the digestive system.

Hippocrates rightly said

All diseases begin in the gut!”


'Father' of Medicine

Only this time... I created the problem myself!

Once I stopped Lipozene, I started eating my normal diet and my  body started to gain weight almost immediately.

Why wouldn’t it?

I didn’t change anything “about me” that would make my body not gain weight.

Q: Did I start working out so my metabolism would improve?

Q: Did I start eating the right foods in the first place?

Q: Did I form any HABITS first that would help me in the long run?

I didn't do anything different while gulping down Lipozene pills, and gullible as I may be, I honestly thought that Lipozene would help me “burn fat” just like that.

Now, I am sure most of my readers have also experienced things like these, the only consolation being we don't do it on purpose.

However, I guess it's good for you that I am one step ahead so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did...

So Finally, Do I Recommend Lipozene? Are There Any Good Alternatives?

If you have read this review so far, you already know what I am going to say…

No, I DEFINITELY Do Not Recommend Lipozene!

More than 80% users complain (see the survey results below) that Lipozene didn’t work for them.

It might help you in the short run to feel full and eat less, but it will wreck havoc with your digestive system.

Apart from problems such as constipation, bloating, cramping, and weakness, the worst thing about Lipozene is that once you stop its usage, your hunger will be back and so will the weight.

Now, some might say, “Oh well, just continue with Lipozene then!”

And THAT right there, will be one of the worst decisions you take.

"Dependency" is what they want. How else would they profit!?

So... What Do YOU Do Now?

To quote Marsellus Wallace…
Here’s what now… You DO NOT need Lipozene to lose weight, nor is it independently proven to do it anyway. Plus, there were far too many Lipozene complaints in 2018 (compared to previous years).

Each one of us is different. You ARE truly unique.

Your body, your metabolism, literally everything is distinctive about you.

So the hope of “one-pill-cures-all” is one of the silliest myths, and these “recurring monthly supply” companies make a fortune out of it!

In reality, what you actually need to do is...
  • 1
    For some quick initial results, get a good quality fat burner pill that actually works. But, but, BUT... only use it for the first few weeks (4-6 weeks, that’s it).
  • 2
    Get your daily habits in your control. This is the KEY to long term success. I can help you with this. See more below.
  • 3
    And finally, start doing ANY simple activity, workout, that'll get your heart rate up... literally, ANYTHING will do. You do not even need to go to a gym. (I help with this too, see more below).

I personally GUARANTEE you that if you follow these 3 steps, and STICK with them for about 6-8 weeks, you will LOVE the change you see in you!

Thee’s simply NO other "secret" to lose weight in the long run. That’s all there is.

Now as promised, here's what I did to lose my post-pregnancy weight...

First of all, when I (finally) lost 62lbs of my post pregnancy weight, I was able to do it without any of these “monthly supply” products.

Before you think I had some secret... nope.

I tried many, MANY diets, even tried one of those "ab" gadgets.

And although some diet programs did show potential, the results only lasted for a while, and I’d end up back to where I was.

3 years of my life (2009-11) went like this!

And I didn’t suddenly stumble upon some “secret” (FYI there isn’t one).

Instead, in these 3 years, I learned (through a lot of failures!) some of the MOST important behavior factors responsible for not only weight loss, but better health, a better mindset, more energy, and well, a better life.

Discovering these simple (and free!) things changed my life.

It led me to Precision Nutrition where I completed their intensive Level 1 course, it led me to become a personal trainer, and it led me to become a mentor for so many women seeking to lose weight but having no idea (or MANY ideas!) about losing weight.

Most of the women on this blog who mail me have:

  • 1
    Either tried many, MANY diets just like me.
  • 2
    Or have tried workout programs, belts, and even some shady “ab gadgets”.
  • 3
    Some women who mail me actually suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • 4
    And yet there are so many who have are overwhelmed they have no clue where to even begin.
And that led me to document the EXACT steps I took back then (some were downright crazy!)... to write down the exact mindset I cultivated, and the exact things I did to lose my weight.

So my suggestion to you is

  • If you are considering Lipozene (or any similar) to lose weight...
  • Or like me, if you have ‘been there and tried everything’ and yet fail every time…
  • And if you simply wish to get some REAL... what I call “non-diet” and “non-workout” guidance…
Then COPY my exact steps that changed me from this...
To this (62lb lighter)...
  • I have written a free, 3-Step blog series detailing my experience and the EXACT steps I took.
  • I share it with everyone who seeks them here for absolutely no charge. This is my way of ‘giving back’ to my tribe. :)

email not required. just go & read!

  • candace says:

    I tried lipozene made one order that shows error mad another order and they sent me 2 more orders then wont give me my money back. beware they scammed me out of $400 don’t order from them ever.

    • Tigga says:

      I just got off the phone with a representative from Lipozene but before he can sell me the b******* ass lines I simply begin to state to him the research that I’ve done on their product he immediately got very angry and upset with me and hung up in my face all that did was proved to me and prove my theory that Lipozene is a hoax scam and fake as gimmick so I suggest that no one purchase the Lipozene pills because they are scam artist always do research before you spend your money or allow any company to take your credit card number and information to purchase their product these weight loss pill products are scam artists the best way to lose the weight is on your own hard work hard exercise and proper eating so guys beware of these false advertising weight loss pill gimmicks

  • Candace Allen says:

    I meant to say. I made 1 order to Lipozene and they sent me 3 orders charging my card $373.45 I asked to return 2 of the orders and they say I can’t ship them back. They said they have to send me a return slip. Then the said they can only approve one return. (30 money back guarantee bs). Not only do they send me the wrong return slip (the $43.89 order and not even one of the $164.75 orders) they send me a refill order charging my credit card an additional $32.95). That’s Lipozene scamming me out of $406.40. Beware you can be the next victim in there scam. I just want people to know what happened to me so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Where there’s “prosperity”, there’s crime.

      – Said by the great Mahatma Gandhi!

    • Pat Jefferson says:

      I had no problem with the initial order -shipping wise, but I look 3 to 5 months pregnant to myself if to no one else. I am bloated and yes, suffer with gas. This was the issue they claimed that the would solve up to a point.

    • Sandy says:

      Hope you took it up with your credit card. You can file a claim with them and they might help you out.

  • Debbie says:

    I was thinking of trying this and I already have issues with my gut. Thank you for this information, the only one I read that makes sense.

  • Carol De says:

    Funny there’s no negative posts on the official Lipozene Web page

  • Ellen says:

    Is it good for you. Because I don’t won’t to take something that will hate me. I need to lose weight that’s all.

  • Glenda says:

    I ordered LIpozene they charged my credit card for 29.99 and I never received the product. Maybe that was a good thing. My boyfriend bought some at Walmart and the bloating,diarrhea and gas started immediately. I urged him to stop. I would like my money back.That wasn’t the only thing that computerized system is a pain in the butt. I made sure I cancelled it after 2 weeks. I better NEVER have money taken out of my account.

  • Jasmine says:

    I have bought Lipozene and I used it for a month after i receive my two bottles I started right away I started taking the pills and every time I took them I got an headache I figure maybe its just me because i have an history of headaches so i took them again for that month I lost no weight and my headache continue and became worse. I stop taking the pills and notice I was having as many headaches no more once I stop taking Lipozene.

    My advice please be careful taking this drug if u decided to do so any way because It cause headaches and you do not loss weight. When I call them about this issue they hung up in my face. I call again from a different number and they told me to please hold and hung up again.

    I lost my money 29.99 I call restricted about my money back and they did not send my money back on my card as they said it would take up to 5 business days they lied.

  • Jorge A. Jimenez says:

    Well thank you for the information that I have obtained through all these comments and I will stop the use of Lipozene. Thank you very much for letting me know all this…

  • Teresa says:

    I tried this product and was throwing up all day. I probably made the mistake of not drinking enough water when taking the pill and it swelled up right after swallowing it. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

    After about 15 minutes of intense pain I threw up everything – including my medication. It does not mix well with some medications. I was sick the entire day. I immediately threw my (2) bottles away.

  • Chris says:

    Started lipozene 2 days ago. I really should have done better research. I can’t sleep right now because for the last 24hrs, I have been having severe abdominal cramps with gas and flatulence. Poop is still ok. Abdomen doesn’t hurt if I touch it. But the bouts of cramps even before farting, never knew farting could be so painful. Once I get outta bed, that bottle is going into the bin.

  • Mrs. Johnson says:

    I have been taking this for about 2 months. Have not lost a single pound. I’m getting discouraged. I just need help getting rid of these extra pounds. I am active. Just got the middle age spread. Ugh.

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Hi there,
      Of course these kind of products will NEVER work in the long run. What you rather need to eliminate is the root cause that makes you overweight. Read more on the link I suggested above.

      • JO says:

        Mrs. Johnson,
        I suggest that you quit the Lipozene, and just walk a mile every day. That is what I did and lost 47 pounds just walking and eating healthy foods. As soon as I quit walking I regained 35 pounds. So, I need to get on the treadmill, and lift weights to increase my metabolism. We all know that we have to exercise but do not have time, or get bored with exercise. However, exercise is the key and not overeating.

  • Bette brown says:

    I took lipozene for a week then experienced dizziness and blood started coming from my anus very profusely. It seemed like i was having a miscarriage. I am 72 years old so i should not be bleeding like this.i immediately stopped taking the pills and the bleeding stopped…

  • Dina says:

    People if you want to loose weight and haven’t checked your liver and your thyroid you are not in the right path !!!! I have a great experience with lipozene my problem is my stomach but as soon I start drinking my lipozene I get ride of it. Know not all pills are everyone so please try checking with your doctor your health.Thank you !!!!

  • Cleopatra Tudor says:

    I took one bottle nothing happened. When I started on the second, very bad things occurred. I became dizzy. Pain throughout my body. Cannot stand nor sit. This is my third day in bed. Constipated, bleeding, diarrhea and vomiting. I wish their is an antidote to get this poison out of my body.

  • Lipozene did make me go to the bathroom .But I exercise and I still eat right so I’m gonna continue that anyway I lost 35 lbs in 3 weeks just walking and taking lipozene salads and turkey slices strawberries I feel great no headaches no bloating I’m in the best shape I ever been in in my life.

    I felt like if I exercise I’ll lose more weight I did it work my hips shrunk first then my stomach jus started going in by next month I might not have a stomach if this continues ????

    • Betty Thomas says:

      Many things in your comment are… well, simply weird.

      You claim to have lost 35lb in 3 weeks, that’s 12lb in a week.

      And you “just eat strawberries, salad and turkey slices” AND you also exercise.

      I just gotta say… yeah, right.

      • Lola says:

        Obviously you lose weight by eating nothing but turkey slices and strawberries. Not from LIpozene. Also, it is medically impossible to lose 12 lbs a week — you cannot even do that after gastric bypass surgery.

  • Scott Smith says:

    I tried Lipozene in 2008, while taking it I was already physically active along with eating healthy it made no difference in my reduction I wouldn’t waste your money on this product

  • Michelle M Willoughby says:

    Thank you so very much for your results and such on lipozene (and fiber supplements) I started taking colon cleanse on a daily basis and did not realize that it is more harmful than good.

  • Barbara T. says:

    I have been taking Liposene for about 5 days and am as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof and cannot sleep well at all.. I would not encourage anyone to take this product and I have not lost any weight…

  • I’ve used Lipozene for over 6 monthsd with no results, it’s total crap.

  • Keren says:

    I started taking it it 4 days ago. Today I forgot them at home and omg I was in pain. Once i took them the pain was gone. I flushed them down the toilet. There’s no way ima make my body dependent on this..glad I’m not the only one going through issues. I should of done more research but now i know thanks everyone

  • Diana Guild says:

    My niece took Lipozene for about a month and decided to stop because she couldn’t afford it. Within a week of stopping, she started having seizures. She is 47 years old and has NEVER had seizures before. Now, she has to take anti-seizure medications for the rest of her life.

  • Jackie says:

    Bad cramps in lower n upper side of belly after one month use. It works but I’m not taking it anymore the pain is unbearable. Better off keeping healthy lifestyle changes diet & workouts.

  • NJK says:

    I tried it and drink the water but my appetite is never suppressed I am not huge but I have a very healthy appetite for eating so for me this product sucks big time what a waste of time and money!

  • scarfacematt says:

    I lost 145 pounds over 3 months was having dizzy spells was told it was a side effect and it was recommended I stop so I stopped it took 4 years I went back up 100 pounds but over the time of not taking lipozine I was still having the dizzy spells so I started taking it again and so far 2 weeks no dizzy spells and down 6 pounds i’m crippled so its not like I can go for runs or walks to lose weight

  • cher says:

    I feel utterly sick to my stomach that I didn’t come across these comments first before ordering Lipozene. I’m hoping to be able to cancel my order before I’m charged because I have IBS and other conditions I’m taking medicine for, and am terribly upset with myself for falling for their websites claims

  • Lola says:

    Seeing the commercials on TV constantly (Holly Peete and her husband), it is UNCONSCIONABLE to hawk a NON-MEDICALLY APPROVED product — claim you will lose weight — but that you can “eat anything you want” including pizza, french fries, hamburgers, sweets, etc. Obviously this is a very brazen lie. It is impossible to lose weight (fiber or not) eating “whatever you like” including every junk food favorite. Obviously neither of the Peete’s had any kind of real weight problem, either. This is totally fake; the real question is why our laws are so loose, that you can run TV ads for quack stuff that is proven not to work and get away with it. Vulnerable, uneducated DESPERATE people fall for this, over and over. It is a national disgrace.

  • Kate says:

    I took Lipozene for a year. Starting weight was 308 pounds, now I am 165 pounds. Still keeping the weight off after 2 years of not taking it. Recommend it to 2 of my friends and they loved it. Everyone is different. I had a really positive experience with it.

    • Betty Thomas says:

      You really are an exception Kate, and I wish you luck. Although we would like to hear what other things you did to aid your fat loss?

  • Kevin says:

    I tried Lipozene and it did absolutely nothing for me. I didn’t loose a single pound. It was a total waste of good money! I am weirdly happy(?) as your experience is the same.

  • Mary says:

    You don’t get a refund even when you do what they ask. Really shady company. Stay AWAY from Lipozene!! Thanks for the honest review.

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried lipozene maybe 3 years ago, I had very good results I lost 84lbs within a 6 month period. I did experience severe bloating but that wasn’t the problem, I dealt with that. What made me stop was how my hair started falling out, that was my key!

  • thor says:

    This product is shit and does nothing ….the advertising is a lie and I’m shocked that these thieves get away with it ! It’s a god damn joke ….thanks for this review and saying the truth about them.

  • Michael says:

    Hi All. I want to bring to your attention a certain chemical reaction that occurs during the breakdown of Lipozene in your system. Did you know that Ethanol (Eythal-Alcohol) is created within you as a by-product of Lipozene?

    I found out the hard way.

    First thing you should know is that I have not had a beer, wine or mixed drink in over 15 years. I am not a recovering alcoholic, my earlier consumption was socially based. But when I was told to avoid any/all alcohol products b/c of controlled medications I began taking for a host of illnesses, I complied. Recently though, I was shocked to learn that the results of a bi-yearly medically needed urine test showed high amounts of Ethanol/Ethanol related compounds.

    As I take needed anxiety & opiate based meds every month, alcohol use is a BIG NO-NO. And I know this, and I had not ingested any alcohol products for so many years. Needless to say, I was baffled. The doctors assumed I drank, so they stopped all controlled substance medications I was taking, which has left me in horrible condition.

    I had no choice but to investigate this whole issue, as the doctors had no plans to do so themselves. I spoke with a toxicologist more than 5 times, and by the process of elimination, he narrowed down the culprit of my severe grief, you guessed it, 3,000 mg of Lipozene every day, for at least the prior 5 months, right up to the day I provided a urine sample for testing.

    Currently I am back and forth with my doctors, the toxicologist and the makers of Lipozene, in order to convince the doctors that it was Lipozene, not consuming alcohol, that caused the presence of Ethanol/Ethanol based products in my urine.

    In closing, if anyone has dealt with this issue, and can offer any scientific information or input, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Lance says:

      You are an opiate addicted person. Nothing else matters. Solve the opiate problem first.

    • Audrey says:

      Yeah, everyone on pain management is an addict. What bull! I would try contacting your local TV station with an “On Your Side” news feature. If they’re interested in an expose, and they usually are, they may have the ability and contacts to find the info quickly. Especially if you’re a vet, you might find them sympathetic. If not, try another doctor. Persevere! Good luck with your pain.

  • Nancy says:

    I just started taking lessons today. Two pills before breakfast once and then her. It’s now 10 PM and I have the worst gas ever farting like crazy. After reading your review not sure if I want to continue using this. I had reconstructive surgery on my ankle and my foot and it will never be the same again so I Cannot do exercises like jumping running walking it aggravates my ankle and swells up like a football. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not extremely overweight when I’m 5‘9“ and 216 pounds . I’m going to stop taking naps but now I’m at a loss agai????

    • Betty Thomas says:

      No offense Nancy, but 216 at 5.9 IS extremely overweight.

      Now here’s a piece of good news for you: You DO NOT have to break your knees doing all sorts of exercises. Dietary changes WILL trim you down.

      They KEY is… resilience. Women give up far too easily these days (thanks to short attention spans).

      If you do follow a decent diet program for more than 5-6 months, you WILL see changes. Again, the key is RESILIENCE.

      Some really good long-term programs I would suggest are:
      1) The trim down club (read my review here).
      2) The Beyond Diet program (been around for 10+ years now).
      3) If you wanna try giving Yoga a chance, this one’s a good online program – “Yoga Burn“.

  • Jean laine says:

    I only need to loose 25 lbs is lipozene the answer getting married in may 2018

    • Betty Thomas says:

      First of all, here’s a piece of brutal truth Jean: 25 pounds is not “ONLY”, it’s pretty difficult to lose AND keep it off.

      If you want a drastic solution, look towards intermittent fasting combined with HIIT cardio. That should help in about 8-12 weeks.

      For a more lifestyle (long-term) solution, look towards making ONE dietary change at a time. Stick for 3-4 weeks, stack a second change.

      ^ That’s how it is done. You either will “get” it, or you’ll try 100’s of “magic products” and then get it.

      Congrats and all the best for the wedding…

    • Tenpin says:

      I lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks by staying away from fried foods, pastas, potatoes, rice, and breads. One cup coffee in morning and only water rest of day. Just like smoking, it is a mind thing. And walk walk walk all you can.

    • Lance says:

      “only” ??? 25 pounds is a lot. Try to lose as much as possible, but 25 pounds in 3 months is a high target. You don’t need chemical or “ultra-fiber” products. Just alter diet to one of whole foods, no sugar, no simple carbs, no alcohol. Get 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily.

  • Danette says:

    It works without those horrible side effects if you eat the right foods and get up and exercise. 10000% shrinks your appetite and gets you on the right path to eating the correct sized portions… this is “eating normal”.. not the way you have been eating before you started. Anybody who takes this and changes nothing else, like no added activity, not changing the types of foods you eat….well, get out what you put in…

    • Betty Thomas says:

      You said…

      Anybody who takes this and changes nothing else, like no added activity, not changing the types of foods you eat

      Why not do that BEFORE taking Lipozene!?

  • Loi says:

    I was convinced to order Lipozene when my check came in. This morning I saw the infomercial & got the address and checked it out. Impressive enough to forge onward to order.

    I saw a site that said to “read this before ordering Lipozene”.

    After reading that I began having doubts since I am have Diabetes type 2. Then this site caught my eye. This has convinced me not to order.

    Thank you. :)

  • John says:

    Thanks for this review… I have taken 2 bottles and I gained 5 pounds. I don’t guess there is a money back guarantee.

    • Betty Thomas says:

      They say they have a 30 days guarantee, but I have got many emails from my visitors that it’s not happening!

  • Marie says:

    I was 300 lbs 5 yrs ago and with my Dr’s approval after he researched it , i took Lipozene. Rather then have weightless surgery. I worked a 3rd shift job at the time. At first I had some loose stools and bloating but after my body got used to it my side effects subsided. I only took 1 pill as to the 2 pills they tell you to take each time. I had energy , I never felt drained and I ate healthy foods. I lost 100lbs and I went from a size 24 to a 14.
    I stopped taking it, kept that weight off on my own up until I had a hysterectomy .
    Now I’m going to try again and see how it works this time around. Everyone’s body is different. It may work for some and others not. Also even after my use yrs ago my GI tract never suffered any injury just the opposite it was healthier.

  • carole says:

    I tried lipozene and started having chest pains and a rise in my blood pressure. I do not recommend lipozene at all