Insanity Versus P90x

Insanity Versus P90X – Which Is Better

Obesity is

on the rise

in the 21st century! And at such a time, the insanity workout is gaining a lot of popularity in the world of fitness, and is touted as the “magic cure” to lose fat. More so, it is already an extremely popular workout in the U.S.A. in the last couple of years. The workout was developed by fitness expert

Shaun T


He calls it an insane workout for insane people, probably because the workout is an extremely high-intensity stamina training. It is a 60 day long program which guarantees insane results.


Unlike most of the traditional workouts where the cooling down phase of workout is almost as long as the high-intensity phase, insanity workout focuses on intense workout and gives very short intervals to catch your breath.

The insanity workout schedule is scary.

Yes, scary!

It is totally insane like Shaun T. claims and he is extremely unapologetic whilst explaining the efforts needed to be put in the

weight loss program

in order to achieve desired results. He guarantees that it will pain, but it will one hundred percent be worth it! The insanity workout is not for beginners or people who are more inclined towards more passive forms of exercise.

Similarly it is also not for people who are suffering from physical problems like heart diseases, joint problems etc. Insanity is for people who are willing to put themselves under abundance of pressure in order to create diamonds from coal. So the question that arises here is, does the workout really work?

Well, considering the amount of activity that goes on for 45 minutes every day, it must as well create miracles! What adds to this whole package is the 60-day money back guarantee, which means that you can complete the whole program and if you are still dissatisfied with the results, you won’t have to crib about the money you lost.

The World Wide Web, being the boon it is, is already flooded with success stories of insanity workout. And unless you really want to find cons of the workout, there aren’t any negative reviews.

Although it could be a lot difficult to start with, considering the claims that one session of insanity workout burns about 600 to 1000 calories. Insanity training combines various workouts to form a complete-body workout that gives insane results.

It includes cardio, core, abs, muscle training and a few fit tests throughout the training. All the people out there who claim to have achieved their ideal fitness stage will certainly make you feel left out with a bad physique and a sad health.

Few Important Pointers

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before getting into this program. Insanity workout unlike other forms of workout is an extremely strenuous workout. Therefore, it needs higher amount of commitment and dedication.

Also, it is better if you stick to the schedule and do not take many breaks as it will affect your stamina. And like all other workouts, it’s better to have company so that you will keep going on at least on the account of companionship and bonding over exercise. And the last thing is, if you know it’s not your thing, it’s wiser to trust your instincts because the insanity workout is definitely not for everyone.

This high-intensity training leaves you drenched in sweat and is painful. You will be sore for a few days when you start the program but once you start seeing the results, it will turn into a challenge for yourself.

You will enjoy pushing your body further to achieve better results. It is easy to envy a great picture in some magazine and wonder if you could ever get an amazing body like that one. But it doesn’t take much to try out the insanity workout. The more you prefer pushing yourself to get what you want, greater the effects. So now that you know that you are just 60 days away from a brilliant physique, you might want to go grab this opportunity before a second thought!

Much has been said about the beach body’s two revolutionary products – the insanity workout and the P90x workout. Both of these workouts have created a market for themselves and both the products have takers. Like all other traditional workouts, these two are also meant for different kind of people. Hence different workouts will suit different people.

Both of these workouts have been designed by fitness experts Shaun T. and Tony Horton respectively and have put a lot of efforts into the science of working of these workouts. But when it comes to the question of which one to prefer, there are a few variables to be considered.

What is Insanity and P90x?

Insanity workout is a high intensity training program for 60 days that works on the max-interval training phenomenon. It pushes a person to achieve extra-ordinary results.

Whereas, P90x or Power 90 Extreme is another high-intensity workout program that is based on the science of muscle confusion.

It is a 90 day program which includes various exercises, nutritional schedule and a routine for the people who take up P90x.

Working of both the workouts

Insanity workout works on the max-interval training phenomenon which includes cardio, core, abs, fit tests and much more.

This means that the body is put under a strenuous regime and given a very little time to rest so that the body is given a push to achieve unimaginable results.

Unlike insanity, P90x is based on the science of muscle confusion.

Therefore, Tony Horton has combined various exercises to keep the muscles “confused” and not get adapted to the exercise so as to keep getting results.

The Difference

Insanity is an extremely high intensity program where Shaun T has crammed a year’s exercise schedule into 60 days so there are definitely certain “

side effects


Whereas, P90x is also not made for beginners but is a little slow paced as compared to insanity as its regime is spread over 90 days instead of 60. Also, the insanity workout is a fast paced workout for 45 minutes a day and P90x lasts for about 1- 1 ½ hours per session. Both the workouts use different mechanisms to achieve results but both the workouts are extremely popular and are said to be promising while delivering their word.

Insanity workout’s schedule comprises of various exercises including cardio, power and strength training, stamina training, abs, core, muscle training etc. and it is labeled and the toughest workout to be put on DVD.

Unlike this, P90x includes truly varied fields of exercises in its workout schedule like




, Chest and back, Martial Arts, Yoga etc. Another major difference between the two is that the Insanity workout does not require you to have any kind of props or machinery but P90x demands equipment like a pull up bar, dumbbells etc.

Suitability and Compatibility

Both of these workouts are not recommended for beginners or people with disabilities and disorders. Neither are these for the weak at heart or the ones who have a problem with dedication. But Insanity workout demands a lot more from you in a shorter span than P90x.

So if you are up for a challenge and the toughest one at that which would lead to a quicker solution, the Insanity workout is for you. However, the others who like high intensity programs and are willing to put in a 100 percent efforts without wanting to rush into something as demanding as insanity can always take the refuge of P90x.

Either way, both of these workouts are known to give you guaranteed results and they also offer money back guarantees.

To make it fair, both of these workouts cost the same. So whichever is you choice, giving it a try won’t harm!