How Does Glucomannan Help to Lose Weight?

How Does Glucomannan Help to Lose Weight?

Weight loss without exercise or crazy restrictive diets sounds like a dream right? Who wouldn’t want that? That is why the diet pill industry is booming. They claim they can make this dream come true for you with different pills and herbal supplements. Glucomannan is one such herbal supplement available in the market. It is a soluble fiber derived from the root of a konjac plant found mainly in Japan.

Benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber are myriad. Insoluble fiber helps in digestion of food and passes through our body almost as is. Soluble fiber on the other hand sits in the stomach, getting digested very slowly. Glucomannan being among the most powerful soluble fibers fills up stomach very quickly. Glucomannan is known to increase up to 17 percent in size on contact with water. It is a very powerful sponge that can absorb water several times its own weight which is a significant increase and much more impressive than most other fibers.

If taken 15-30 minutes before a meal, it curbs hunger very effectively. It has negligible calories by itself and hence can be taken multiple times in a day and prior to each meal. With Glucomannan filling up your stomach, you eat less and effectively lose weight. If a 500 calorie deficit is reached every day, you can easily lose a pound a week. Creating this deficit becomes much easier with Glucomannan supplements. Glucomannan is to be taken with ample water. Once inside the stomach, it expands on contact with the water in it and forms a sticky gel. This gel is not digested soon and you immediately feel full.

Glucomannan contributes in other ways to weight loss. With an increase in levels of the insulin hormone, we feel satiated. Like immediately after consuming food, insulin levels rise and we feel satisfied. When insulin levels in our body get low, we feel hungry. So clearly, insulin level influences hunger pangs. Glucomannan is useful in regulating blood sugar levels and hence level of insulin. It can also help increase the level of another hormone called

cholecystokinin which also controls appetite.

Thus, Glucomannan works both ways to induce weight loss. It delays the feeling of hunger by maintaining proper hormone levels, and once you do feel hungry, it makes you feel fuller fast.

Glucomannan can be taken in powder form and added into juices. It is also available in tablet form. A type of Japanese noodles called shirataki also contains Glucomannan. Thus, Glucomannan can be incorporated easily in our diets. It will help attain our dream weight. Like any other fiber, Glucomannan causes several gastrointestinal issues on consumption. Daily consumption should not exceed 10-15 grams. Without any additives, Glucomannan is a safe way to lose weight.